CNN’s American Pravda Pt.2! Van Jones Admits Russia Story’s a “Nothing Burger”


CNN leftist commentator VanJones, who has talked endlessly about the alleged Russia scandal, admits to an undercover reporter that the Russia story is a “nothing burger”.

Two days ago, Van Jones admitted the Russia story is a “nothing burger”, but four days ago, said something else.

CNN had a very terse response Wednesday. “Lol,” a spokesman said in response to an emailed question asking about the video, according to Business Insider.

This follows the story of a CNN producer calling the Russia story “mostly bulls*t”.

In addition, CNN just had to take back a fake story about a Trump colleague Anthony Scaramucci who threatened him with a $100 million lawsuit. CNN is looking towards a merger with At&T for over $87 billion. They don’t need problems with the DoJ because of a lawsuit like the one Scaramucci planned.

Here’s the full video:

Remember when he tore apart Carter Page, the alleged Russian operative? At 3:24 he says Trump should apologize to himself. Perhaps Van Jones should apologize to himself.

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