CNN’s Biggest Gasbag Read Trump’s Mind During Presser with Kanye


CNN gasbag Chris Cuomo took a segment on his show to put down Kanye West and Donald Trump. He doesn’t think President Trump has the right to do some of the same things Barack Obama did — give celebrities an opportunity to meet with him. That is especially true if anything serious is going on and if it is a day after a hurricane.

After ranting about the ‘travish amockery’, he mocked Kanye over his bipolar illness. Cuomo also mocked the reporters clicking away as Kanye gave the President a hug. It’s fairly obvious he would have loved it if it happened to Obama. In fact, Kanye was beloved when he complained about George Bush.

Apparently, Cuomo doesn’t believe the President has the right to hold meetings after a hurricane.

His concern wasn’t with Kanye, his wonder went to what was going on in Trump’s head. He also took an “educated guess” and imagined Trump was thinking, “He’s blacker than Obama.”

People like Cuomo who come up with thoughts like that are the real racists. Does he ever look at a black person and not think about the color of the person’s skin? I wonder about that.

Cuomo also imagined Trump thinking he really was ‘Superman’. He is amazing. Cuomo can read minds.

What the almighty windbag didn’t share is the President plans to visit Florida and Georgia but obviously couldn’t go immediately after the hurricane when search and rescue is ongoing.


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