CNN’s Brian Stelter Is Very Crabby Over Trump’s Caravan Remarks


Brian Stelter, the not-very astute media critic for CNN, is nonplussed over President Trump stating the obvious — which we have all heard from Border Patrol — the “caravan” is full of “hardened criminals”.

Of course it is. Especially concerning is the very large number of young to middle-aged men coming through from drug-infested and crime-ridden countries of Central America and Mexico, and who knows what other countries. We know Guatemala’s president recently deported 100 ISIS militants.

The caravan set out last week from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, which has a murder rate that ranks among the highest in the world. That is what Brian Stelter should be worried about.

On Sunday, he plans to discuss this: Trump and pro-Trump media stoke anxiety about a caravan of migrants heading to the U.S.-Mexico border. Is it a coincidence midterm elections are just around the corner?

His take should be ridiculous. We’ll watch and update here for you so you don’t have to watch it, painful as it is.


Stelter is also beside himself over Trump’s ‘conspiratorial thinking’ claiming Democrats want it. Of course Democrats want it. How obvious do they have to get before it hits Stelter’s noggin?

Democrats want it. It’s largely Democrats who keep the borders open because they know these illegal aliens from around the world will vote for Democrats precisely because Dems will keep the borders open for every Tom, Dick, Mohammed, Kwame, Jose, Chen, Boris, and Harry.

As for Soros being behind it, who knows. Soros funds groups that fund Pueblo sin Fronteras, the group helping the ‘migrants’. We have seen video of cash being handed out with the recipients — women with children — jumping into the march afterwards.

One thing is certain, despite the chaos, thousands of people didn’t suddenly decide to band together to go to the USA illegally three weeks before the election without money and pull behind them. There are Hispanic-Americans in their group leading them. And busses are picking them up along the way. There are camera crews following along.

Perhaps the drug cartels organized it. They do now live among us — it’s easier for them to sell their poison when they have dealers living in the country.

Democrats have incentive and it rarely makes them look bad. They have the help of the media to make it seem as if the President is cruel not letting all these pitiful women and children into the country. This caravan appears to be overwhelmingly men but they have a lot of children with them — it’s their get in for free card.

Journalists traveling with the ‘migrants’ broadcast the images around the world, making them look as sympathetic as possible. Leftists and foreigners in the United States put out the welcome mat, and that combined with ‘catch-and-release’ means they get to stay. Taxpayers fund their transportation to those welcoming and sanctuary areas in the country.

It smells of astroturf.

Don’t you love how the future illegal aliens march behind their country’s flag and demand we take them in, while they pretend they’re all refugees?

We can’t take in all of Central America. They take diseases and crime with them and it’s unaffordable and unsustainable.

I see drug cartel-aged men everywhere.

This is one group that made it into Mexico.

Lots of young men, they will claim to be children.

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