CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tried to Destroy Cliven Bundy Today But Did He Do the Opposite?



The Democratic Party is the collective. They are so far left that they and their lapdog media leftists can no longer differentiate themselves from any statist party in the EU. Americans don’t like the direction the statists are taking us. Only 29% of Americans think the United States is heading in the right direction. This is why Cliven Bundy hit a chord.

People need to stop saying we have to pick our heroes better in the wake of a seemingly-racist rant by Cliven Bundy. Those people have completely missed the point. Bundy is a flawed hero, he didn’t pay his grazing bills, and he has a decidedly distressful view of Black people, but since when was this about Bundy?

The issue that drove Americans to Bundy still exists. The government was ready to shoot him and his family for not paying grazing fees. They shut down his free speech rights. The government is grabbing land throughout the country like the crazed Marxists they are.

What is going on is simple really. Many Americans want the federal government to stop grabbing land.

The government owns 26% of the land in this country, most of it in the West, and, other than some National Parks, why should they own land and make money off the land to use for programs that can get them re-elected?

We are the federal government, not the politicians, not the bureaucrats.

Bundy was interviewed by the very arrogant Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day this morning and when CNN posted the video of the segment online, they only repeated what they wanted to repeat which is why I’d suggest everyone listen to the interview themselves and make up their own minds.

Cliven Bundy doesn’t sound so much like a bigot in this next video as Cuomo sounds like a condescending jerk. Cuomo used this as an opportunity to take advantage of an old cowboy who has spent his life on the range, the once open range. Cuomo looks like a bully picking on a less verbally-fluid opponent, an opponent upset over his dead calf.

Cliven Bundy said something that really struck me in this video. He talked about Rosa Parks taking the seat in the front of the bus but that isn’t what Martin Luther King Jr. wanted, he said.

He – MLK Jr. – wanted Rosa Parks to be able to sit anywhere in the bus, Bundy said.

Bundy then said, “Let me tell you something, if I have to say I’m sorry here it’s not because of what my thoughts, maybe it’s because of my words. Because my thoughts have been loyal to the Constitution, the country, and my thoughts sure have been loyal to we the people and I’m talking about all ethnic people on this country. You don’t even like to say African-American. I think they’re equal and I think they should have their seat anywhere in the bus and I’d be proud to sit by them anywhere in that bus.”

videos via Right Scoop

Eminent Domain and the common good are being used as excuses to confiscate private property and what the leftists fail to see is that Americans are starting to notice. They are waking from their slumber and they don’t like what they see.

On the New Day website, they called Mr. Bundy’s calf a “prop” but no one would think, after hearing Bundy, that he considers his dead calf to be a prop. Democrats only seem to understand if it’s Fifi the poodle or a desert tortoise who are killed.

The New Day site also said Bundy remained steadfast in his views. That’s a half truth. No one can condone his racist musings from the interview on the 19th, but after hearing him explain what he means, it’s not honest to say he remained a steadfast racist. He was steadfast in what he was trying to say.

Cuomo was trying to completely destroy the old cowboy today but it had the opposite effect on me. It might on others as well.