CNN’s Fake News Host Don Lemon Cuts Off Guest Calling Their Story Fake News


CNN’s Don Lemon refused to hear an explanation from a guest about why the story of Donald Trump’s trips was a fake news story. He cut him off several times. CNN’s getting very sensitive about their new moniker as fake news or as Donald Trump says, very fake news.

Lemon was leading a discussion with a panel last night about the costs of protecting the First Family, between Melania Trump temporarily residing in New York and President Trump visiting Mar-a-Lago, which he now calls the Southern White House.

Maria Cardona and Karine Jean-Pierre said this is hypocritical because of Trump’s past criticisms of Barack Obama.

Lemon then went to Paris Dennard for his take.

Dennard told Lemon, “I think this is fake news. This is not a news story.”

Lemon was angry and jumped in to ask, “Do you actually know what the definition of fake news is?” Dennard responded, “What we’re doing right now.”

Lemon said that fake news is about intentionally deceiving people, and while there are a lot of mistakes in the press, he knows of no one who would put out a story to intentionally deceive the public.

“There’s nothing fake about that [the issue they were discussing]. Please stop it with that stupid talking point that it is a fake news story. If you don’t want to participate in the news stories on this network, then don’t come on and participate. But don’t call them fake because you don’t agree with them.”

Dennard was then given a chance to explain and immediately said, this is a “fake news story” and tried to explain why.

Lemon immediately cut him off, abruptly ending the show.

Lemon was made famous for covering the disappearance of Flight 370 as a possible “supernatural” occurrence. He also said they should discuss the possibility of it having been eaten up by a black hole.

Don Lemon’s drunk telecast on New Year’s Eve.

Another famous escapade involved his drunken New Year’s Eve telecast while having his ear pierced in a bar.

His definition of “fake news” needs to be expanded to include stories that have no substance but are discusses as if they do.

Donald Trump did respond to criticisms of his golfing and said his golfing trips are for business, Obama’s were with his friends.

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6 years ago

Does anyone watch the Communist News Network anymore except the snowflakes?

7 years ago

I am enjoying watching CNN fill their britches over their new name VERY FAKE NEWS, CNN does deceive the public. either through stupidity of facts or intentionally twisting the facts, the AM Joy show on MSNBC is not only fake news, its PATHETIC beyond belief !!!!!!!!!!! her and Al not so Sharpton are nothing but race baiters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!