CNN’s Karem loses WH privileges after calling President a “f***ing moron”


CNN smear merchant Brian Karem picked fights with several people in the Rose Garden a few weeks ago as a press conference with the President ended. Karem blurted out under his breath, “f***ing moron” at the President and that got him a one-month suspension.

Karem shouldn’t have a press pass in the first place in our humble opinion.

Trump held a press event with Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in the Rose Garden for an announcement regarding gathering citizenship information for the 2020 census.

In attendance were guests of the President who had been invited to his social media summit held earlier Thursday.

According to Gorka, who attended the social media summit as an invited guest, Karem called Trump “that f*cking moron” after the President ignored Karem bellowing if he would take questions from the press. 

The Playboy Magazine White House reporter and CNN ‘analyst’ (with no appropriate background) Brian Karem didn’t like his seating at the Rose Garden news conference so he vociferously complained.

Some conservatives were seated and the arrogant Karem was left standing. That led him to harass some of the people in seats.

Someone said to Karem, “Don’t be sad, don’t be sad.”

“No I’m just standing around,” Karem replied. “This is a group of people that are eager for demonic possession.” He motioned towards some conservatives.

From a distance, Seb Gorka shouted, “And you’re a journalist, right?”

That’s when Karem challenged him to a fight.

Gorka was responding to the “f***ing moron” comment which the press heard.



Social media summit guest Ryan Fournier reported that Karem swearing at Trump provoked the confrontation, “When President Trump didn’t respond to Brian Karem yelling questions at him, he said profanities under his breath towards POTUS. He was called out and then said we were all “eager for demonic possession” – total nut job!”


The same people who want to ban the right on social media are upset about the one-month loss of his White House privileges which in no way affects his ability to speak over his two large megaphones — CNN and Playboy.

Karem’s employers at Playboy are really worried about his loss of First Amendment privileges and are conferring with lawyers.

Karem calls it an anti-First Amendment move which means the President has no rights in demanding decorum in the Rose Garden.

Predictably, some are calling the President a dictator. No one in the press has a problem with what Karem did.

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