CNN’s Not Liberal or Biased & Doesn’t Hate Trump, Says Don Lemon


CNN’s Don Lemon sat down with the author of The Enemy of the People, Jim Acosta, who said during a dishonest conversation that they are not here to spin things. They are “pro-truth” and that doesn’t mean they hate Trump [which of course they do.]

They want you to believe they are merely holding the powerful to account.

If they did that under Barack Obama, they would be more believable now.

Last week at the Financial Times, Lemon claimed CNN isn’t “liberal.” He’s probably right, they’re socialist and fascist. The one thing they are not is “unbiased,” but nice try.

This is how unbiased they are:

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4 years ago

Oh, please, we all know that CNN is a shill of the Deep State that spews whatever leftist baloney they are ordered to spew, and that Don Lemon and Jim Acosta are paid and scripted Deep State puppets. CNN has NO credibility or journalistic integrity. Shame on everyone who is willing to work for CNN. The droves of CNN employees currently being laid off should be grateful to be severing their ties with that dishonest Deep State-controlled propaganda machine. When CNN collapses under the weight of it’s own corruption, it will not be missed. Good riddance.

Lionel Mandrake
Lionel Mandrake
4 years ago

Not even a complete idiot like Lemmon could believe such a bald faced lie.