CO2 Fairy Says Hurricanes Are Result of Climate Change/Global Warming


Scientists generally say there is no evidence yet global warming is causing hurricanes or making them worse, but that doesn’t matter to the media and the climate hysterics who like to pontificate with zero evidence.

There were devastating hurricanes in Florida in 1928, 1935 and 1947, among others. In fact the 1960 Hurricane Donna was worse.

One problem with tying Irma to global warming is Irma didn’t develop over global warming. Irma ­developed into a major hurricane over relatively cool waters in the Atlantic. Surface temperatures where the hurricane formed were 26.5C, about two degrees below what is considered necessary to build a major hurricane, climate scientist Judith Curry said.

“So why did Irma develop into a major hurricane?” Curry asked. “We can’t blame 26.5C temperatures in the mid-Atlantic on global warming.”

Other weather factors may ­explain the development. In particular, a weak wind shear and favourable circulation field ­allowed the circular formation to generate quickly.Nonetheless, McKenzie said the answer was a rapid transition “to clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy and storage technologies”.

The National Oceanic and ­Atmospheric Administration said “there is a small nominally positive upward trend in tropical storm occurrence from 1878-2006.” They also wrote it’s way to early to know if there is a connection.

Mainstream media outlets ran stories attributing Hurricane Harvey and its historic rainfall to climate change, but University of Washington atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass put the brakes on those theories in a blog post.

According to Mass, the idea that human-caused climate change had any effect on Harvey is more than far-fetched — it’s downright not true.

“Most of the stories were not based on data or any kind of quantitative analysis, but a hand-waving argument that a warming earth will put more water vapor into the atmosphere and thus precipitation will increase,” he wrote. “[T]he results are clear: human-induced global warming played an inconsequential role in this disaster.”He explained: “The proximate cause of the disaster is clear: the extreme rainfall was the result of a hurricane/tropical storm that pulled in huge amounts of water vapor off the Gulf of Mexico (and beyond), and which came into the Texas coast and then stalled for days. All tropical storms/hurricanes bring large amounts of rain during landfall. What was different here was the stalling and sitting over the same region for days.”

John Stoessel offers some sage advice.

As Joe Bastardi said we are being lied to by the CO2 fairy.

Let’s instead, listen to Jennifer Lawrence?

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