Cocky Kiddie Hogg Has a Plan to Destroy Smith & Wesson & Ted Cruz


David Hogg plans to take down Smith & Wesson whose main headquarters is in Massachusetts. Their revenue was falling because of the gun control lunacy but news of the dip has changed the outlook. Sales are increasing with full year sales projected upwards of $630 million.

News of little Hogg’s attack should increase sales if anything as it has increased NRA membership when he attacked them.

The little despot is clueless on the Constitution.

Love? We won’t even go there. As far as economics, Smith & Wesson should see sales continue upward on word of the arrogant little Hogg’s movement.


Full-of-himself Hogg plans to destroy Ted Cruz with a billboard sporting a couple comments Trump made during the campaign when Cruz was his opponent. It will be planted on a truck and travel about.

Hogg lives in Florida and has joined forces with a far left Latino group called USALatinx. They use the ‘x’ at the end to indicate ‘no gender’.

HuffPo explains: It’s part of a “linguistic revolution” that aims to move beyond gender binaries and is inclusive of the intersecting identities of Latin American descendants. In addition to men and women from all racial backgrounds, Latinx also makes room for people who are trans, queer, agender, non-binary, gender non-conforming or gender fluid.

The group is planning for a Latino majority to take back Texas.

Also collaborating is oddball big mouth Claude Taylor of Illinois, a completely wacky Trump hater who sometimes collaborates with Louise Mensch, the unhinged British witch. Taylor goes by the Twitter handle @TrueFactsStated but rarely does state true facts.

Beto O’Rourke is Cruz’s opponent and is heavily-funded by George Soros. He uses Beto to suck in the Latinos. He’s being called Blotto O’Rourke based on his history. This is Hogg’s candidate.

Hogg and company have reached the goal.

It’s a colossal waste of money contributed mostly by people who don’t even live in Texas.

The Texans are too smart to be swayed by a billboard.

It does get Hogg more of that publicity the cocky kiddie craves.

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