Colbert Comedy Writer Insults Mrs. Bush’s Looks Upon Her Death


Barbara Bush is a very admired woman because of her class, her love of God, family, country, and her straightforwardness. While forthright, she was also very diplomatic. Upon her death, the hatemongering left was out insulting her. One of them — a writer for nasty leftist Colbert — unabashedly adores Hillary Clinton and thought it clever to trash Barbara Bush’s looks.

Who does that?

About Mrs. Bush’s looks…Mrs. Bush lost her 4-year old daughter to leukemia decades ago. It was then that her hair turned prematurely white. She left it that way. Some say she did so because of the tragic event. Perhaps some believe it made her look older than her years.

This writer, Jen Spyra, capitalizing on Mrs. Bush’s hair, found the occasion of her death merited this one comment: “RIP Barbara Bush, the only woman who was 93 for 30 years.”

Spyra received mostly negative replies but sadly, many thought it funny and appropriate. It was ‘liked’ 1.5K times.

The “comedy” writer also thinks it funny to use gross language. People usually do that because their vocabulary is wanting. It’s not cool as they might think. Here are samples:

There is literally nothing funny on this woman’s twitter page but the comments are mostly supposed to be jokes.

The face and body of Progressivism today, Randa Jarrar. Progressives say they are the caring ones.
The Face of Progressivism

Also, this week, a seemingly dangerous Fresno State professor rejoiced over Mrs. Bush’s death. She made awful comments. We covered that here. Ben Shapiro has as well. You might be interested in hearing why he believes she needs to be fired in the link below.

The crazy Prof will be on a leave of absence durint the spring semester while the administration investigates. She says she can’t be fired since she is tenured.

Possibly unfortunately for her, that is not the case. The university’s provost, Lynnette Zelezny, referred to the professor’s comments as “disrepectful” during a news conference Wednesday, and said the school is taking the situation “very seriously.”

“We understand the concern from the community and we are taking this very seriously,” Zelezny said, according to The Fresno Bee. “To answer the technical question: Can she not be fired? The answer is no.”

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