Colbert Wants Trump Supporters to Boycott the Emmys, Let’s Do It


Stephen Colbert on Sunday will emcee the Emmy Awards from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and he has promised to bash President Trump. He is looking to be boycotted by half the nation so let’s oblige him and CBS. Let the narcissist Trump haters talk to themselves.

Let’s watch Outlander instead!

Colbert the Nazi

“This is a night to celebrate television and there’s no bigger star on television in the last year than Donald Trump,” the late night host sniped, according to Inside Edition. “If the president has any subjects he would like for me to joke about in the monologue, please, we are ready to celebrate you, sir!”

This is the “comedian” who called Trump a Nazi.

Colbert isn’t even funny and now put nasty anti-Trump monologues on top of that and the show will bomb.

The broadcast of the Academy Awards in February, which was a Trump trashing event,  drew the smallest audience for the Oscars since 2008.

They never learn and will do it again and again.

Not everyone on Twitter is pleased.

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