College Board’s Erase “Liberty”, “Europeans”, “Free Markets”, Christopher Columbus


Last year, the National Association of Scholars published The Disappearing Continent (2016), which criticized the College Board’s Advanced Placement European History Course and Exam Description (2015) for editing the history of Europe to make it serve today’s progressive agenda.

NAS has succeeded in getting some changes made but some very concerning re-writes of actual history remain. In fact, the core remains. It’s Stalinesque.

The positive changes include a history of: political liberty, free markets and economic liberty, religion, intellectual and modern knowledge, and of Britain. While they include it in the history, they do not include it in modern day – at all.

It is obvious why the far-left would leave out all of the issues of liberty. It also must be noted that the College Boards downplayed the evils of communism and the tyranny and brutality of Soviet rule

What still needs changing might stun you.

The words ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ are still almost completely absent and there is no sense it was the central theme of European history. It doesn’t fit with the mantra that Europeans who founded the United States were evil butchers and imperialists.

There is no discussion of principles and benefits of the free market. Europe’s unique and predominant role in the development of science is omitted. Soviet genocide is ignored. Explorers like Christopher Columbus are not mentioned. In other words, there is no reason to learn European history according to the College Boards AP.

The theme of secular modernization remains unchanged.

Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars, said, “The improvements the College Board made are ultimately superficial and do not change the overall focus of the guidelines….”

While commending the College Boards for listening at all, he points out that the limited changes prove the College Board cannot reform itself.

Let’s face it, to truly change, they would have to hire some people who aren’t leftists and they are not about to do that.

The leftists today clearly promote statism and ignore the Soviet ideology because it won’t conform to the narrative. They will not show the benefits of Capitalism and they certainly won’t applaud Europeans because they are integral to our Founding and our Constitution which they plan to erase.

In 2015, the Sentinel wrote about the American History AP which provided a syllabus of an unexceptional America. The course ignores American Exceptionalism and paints a far bleaker picture of American culture and history. NAS addressed it but there isn’t a lot the College Boards will do. The course actually redefines the meaning of “equality” and “justice”. The left hopes to change the culture with a redefinition of the meanings of words and they are succeeding.

Read the details at the NAS. Stay informed because we are slowly losing our freedom with the brainwashing of our youth.

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Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

A long time trend. Democracy, freedom, rights have supplanted liberty. Indeed, few have a concept that liberty is of God. Something our Forefathers and Founders fully knew.