College Booklet Encourages White Racism, Hatred of Whites, Denounces Capitalism


A Hispanic student wrote the name 'Trump' and it was called hate speech.
A Hispanic student wrote the name ‘Trump’ and it was called hate speech.

A California liberal arts college for women, Scripps College,put together a 217-page “Unofficial Scripps College survival Guide. It deals with adjustment to college life, health, time management, and social issues like race, privilege and gender identity.

A junior named Jocelyn Gardner led it with the full-backing of the school.

“My intention for the guide was to have something for every student,” Gardner said at the time of the guide’s release. “I came up with a list of topics and opened the list up to student feedback. I wanted it to reflect the Scripps experience on the whole and address anything a new student could have concerns about.”

Aside from some absurd gender pronoun issues, it engages in racism against whites in what is a very divisive approach to race relations.

White privilege is bigotry against whites. It is meant to make whites into the lowest form of human life.

The survival guide defines “White Privilege” as “the set of unearned benefits white people gain as a result of systematic racism and discrimination” that “benefits even those white people who are disadvantaged by other forms of institutionalized oppression like ableism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia.”

The authors assert that “asking people of color to educate us about racism,” “asking people of color to absolve us of our guilt,” and “identifying the ways that we are engaging in the perpetuation of white supremacy” are all things that “we need to stop doing right now.”

A section titled “Dear white students” states that “[r]everse racism cannot exist because white people maintain power over people of color” and “because there are no institutions that were founded with the intention of discriminating against white people on the basis of their skin [color].”

This is a bizarre notion that came right out of the far-left which must not gain a foothold in society. It’s not even accurate.

Student movements have arisen out of this on the Scripps campus.

One group called the 5C Students of Color Alliance held a “Hurting and Healing” event to advocate for the creation of racially segregated “safe spaces.”

No whites allowed.

According to Campus Reform, The Motley, a student-run café on Scripps’ campus, has hosted events exclusively for people of color.

No whites allowed.

“Anger is a legitimate response to oppression,” the authors state in a section directed at white people, “as is sadness, fear, frustration, exhaustion, and a general distaste or hatred of white people.”

Hatred of whites encouraged.

“For people who experience oppression, stigma, shame, or fear due to the silence around certain topics, simply having those topics in the guide will let them know that Scripps supports them,” Gardner wrote of the publication.

It even bans words like ‘insane’ and ‘stupid’ which explains this manual well. The booklet gets to capitalism and consumerism of course and says they promote ‘dangerous ideals.’

No surprises there.

The Marxist-Progressive war of “identity politics”, such as this were used by the worst fascists in history, and have been very effective. Whites are the lowest level of humanity. They are blamed for every ill and given no credit for any achievements.

Race has been weaponized but it is racism against Whites that is ignored and exaggerated, and dishonest claims of anti-Black racism is promoted. Claims of false institutional racism have taken hold despite the absurdity in a nation that treats minorities better than any country in the world.

Claims of White supremacy, Christian supremacy, White privilege is nothing less than an exhibition of hatred towards Whites and traditional Americans.

Historically, it was European white men who first took up the mantle against slavery, no the black slave traders.

Conservative columnist George Will was disinvited from speaking last year at Scripps College’s Elizabeth Hubert Malott Public Affairs Program, a series that is designed to bring one distinguished conservative figure per year to a campus that is, otherwise, ideologically homogenous.

It was because of what he wrote in a ‘controversial’ column on sexual assault. Ironically, he was writing that colleges have become the victims of Progressivism and the disinvite proved it true.

Free speech must be homogenous also at fascist–lite Scripps.

Source: Campus Reform



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