College Kids Demand Free Housing, Free Fabric Softener, Privileges by Skin Color


screengrab of Sarah Lawrence College students

At one of the seats of excessive privilege and progressive entitlement — Sarah Lawrence College — a small group of rude students presented a letter to President Cristle Collins Judd during a two-day sit-in at her office. They accused the overly-protective snowflake college of being an unsafe place for minority students. They also claim the college failed to properly commit to social justice.

Along with their demands, they wrote, “Sarah Lawrence was not founded on racial or economic equality and has not implemented sufficient strategies to dismantle systematic oppression to be sustainable or safe for marginalized people in an increasingly dangerous political climate,” the Diaspora Coalition asserted in its list of demands.



This small group of leftist agitators calls themselves the #SLC50 Diaspora Coalition and they placed their demands online. Some of them are:

  • Unsurprisingly, they want a lot of freebies, including housing, because they say housing is a human right. Since nothing is free, they want it at others’ expense.
  • Special housing for people of color.
  • Free laundry detergent and fabric softener for all students.
  • No students can go hungry is another demand. Shouldn’t these students and their parents be involved in paying for that? All students, off-campus, graduate, whomever, must have two free meals, including vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, halal, and kosher options. 
  • They want extraordinary services for foreign, low-income and illegal alien students. They want foreigners to get the first crack at all jobs.
  • Scholarships for anyone who is not white.
  • And they want the school to acknowledge indigenous land at orientation and school ceremonies.
  • A mandatory first-year orientation session about “intellectual elitism.”
  • Prevent students of color from being educated about history by “racist white professors.”
  • Reject funding from the Charles Koch Foundation and review the tenure of “racist” professor Sam Abrams
  • All students have unlimited access to therapy sessions
  • They then demanded the administrators attend their talk-back.

They want the Diversity Department restored which suggests the staff is involved in the mini-protest. The students also want to be brainwashed and hear only one side of things.

At the talk-back, President Judd attempted to interrupt the students from continuing their statement. “You are welcome to be here but not disrupt their dialogue,” one arrogant student said. “Your conversations with me will continue, but I ask you to respect our guests.”


Judd’s response in a letter did not address their rudeness or the absurdity of most of the demands.

The President is willing to listen to it all, but won’t fire the white professor.

These kids will be shocked when they get to the real world.


The professor in question, Sam Abrams, wrote a New York Times op-ed last year calling for ideological diversity on campus and criticizing the left-wing bent of campus administrators.

His office was trashed and he was labeled a “racist.”

President Judd sent out a letter after in support of the Professor’s views, calling for free speech, academic freedom, and mutual respect. Only 27 faculty members would sign it.

Leftist professors have edged out the right, the classical liberals, and anyone who wants free speech.

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bob h
bob h
4 years ago

Looks like at least 90 percent of these lunes in the videos are female.

4 years ago

Political correctness & slaves to “freebies”!

Barry Brumfield
Barry Brumfield
4 years ago

Getting a job will be a real bitch. Keeping the job will be impossible. There aren’t enough academia jobs to go around for them all, so, somebody will be living at home with mom till they die.

Ronald Doty
Ronald Doty
4 years ago

Expel them ALL….They can attend a local junior college in their home town areas and live at home…works for me.