College Students Demand Safe Spaces from Border Agents at Job Fairs


UC Irvine

Some real nutty stuff on these college campuses.

The leftist college students want safe spaces on campus to protect them from border agents who recruit at campus job fairs.

This is taking place at campuses in Southern California and Arizona. They are demanding administrators cut ties with the agency because students, especially illegal alien students, feel unsafe.

About 50 protesters paraded around a UC Santa Barbara job fair in January against border agents at a campus job fair, loudly chanting “f*ck your borders, f*ck your walls.”

Other chants used by protesters included “Separating families is not a career” and “Migration is a human right.” Many students carried banners bearing slogans like “Undocumented Unafraid,” effectively taunting CBP with their illegal status.

One of the graduate students participating in the protest complained that CBP’s presence at the job fair was “triggering” for students, because it suggested the campus wasn’t a safe space for illegal immigrants.

“We do have undocumented students here on campus who are at potential risk,” Idalia Robles told The College Fix. “This is a very triggering event for people in those circumstances. There is no space on this campus for an organization that continues to threaten the safety of students.”

Last fall, UC Irvine students circulated a petition that called on administrators to ban the border agents hiring on campus.

The open borders ideology is ever-present on our campuses and these young people are the future of America.

It’s getting real tiresome having this leftist dribble poured down the throats of the majority who disagree.

Source: The College Fix


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