Colorado Tyranny Meets Defeat in Recall Elections


Giron and Morse

Two Colorado Democrats who were critical in getting tyrannical gun laws passed in their state were voted out of office Tuesday in the special election.

The recall was to remove Angela Giron of Pueblo and John Morse of Colorado Springs, and replace them with Republicans.

Morse lost by 2 points. He said his record was phenomenal. Indeed it was that!

When he advocated for the gun restrictions, he said that it amounted to “cleansing a sickness from our souls.”

Give me a break. Legal gun owners are the problem?

This became a proxy battle between the NRA and Michael Bloomberg.

The NY Times reported that gun control proponents far outspent their opponents for a total of $3 million, but the people didn’t buy into their canvassing, ads, and propaganda.

The idea for the recall started at the grass roots level. It began in homes and on the Internet.

Colorado is one of nineteen states that can recall state officials.

The success of this election is alarming to politicians in all nineteen states in both parties because they don’t want to be in the same position.

Some on the left said this is setting a dangerous precedent and an unhealthy trend. The liberals didn’t mind it when Governor Walker was the victim of a recall election.

Maybe it’s time for politicians to answer for their actions.

Two tyrants down, quite a lot more to go.

It was David vs. Goliath:

Here’s Giron lying:

Read all about it at the NY Times


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