WHAT? Comey Doesn’t Have the Infamous Memo, the Subject of His Testimony


After Thursday’s testimony by former FBI Director James Comey, the Senate Intelligence Committee asked Comey for a copy of this all-important memo that was leaked to the NY Times by his friend, Columbia Professor Daniel Richman.

The CYA memo was meant to provide a record of the conversation between him and President Trump. The conversation made the 6’8″ snowflake Jim Comey very “uncomfortable”. He was “stunned” and “confused” during his few conversations with the President, therefore, to protect himself, he wrote CYA memos, he testified.

Comey told the intelligence committee he no longer had copies of this all-important memo.

The committee then had to ask for copies from Richman. Check out this excerpt from the committee’s letter:

If it’s so important and he wrote it at the time of the event, why wouldn’t he keep copies?

Are you kidding me? “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.

The NY Times reporter who broke the story never saw the memo either. Richman gave him the information over the phone and seemed to be quoting it from memory. The memo might be gone if it ever existed.

Richman has been in touch with the Senate judiciary committee.

Famed investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson finds it strange.

In addition, the information was shared in a NY Times article on May 11th and in another article on May 16th. The existence of the memo wasn’t noted until the 16th but the same information was quoted on the 11th. Why this is significant is because Comey testified that he released the memos after Trump tweeted on the 12th that there might be tapes.

Is it possible that Comey made up the existence of a memo after the tweet? Was there ever a memo or memos? Is Comey afraid to reveal the memo(s)?

It might turn up but you would think the guy would have 15 copies, one in a safe somewhere. What good is a CYA memo if you don’t keep a copy?

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