Comey made a mistake & Clinton exceeds her usual outrageous self


During an interview with Maria Bartiromo, Trey Gowdy weighed in on disgraced FBI director Jim Comey’s admission on Fox News Sunday that he “was wrong.” Gowdy said he was “two years too late” after all that he has done.

The fired director played down his role in the FISA abuse, but Trey Gowdy didn’t, emphasizing the fact that Comey hid the facts.

Comey went with the Inspector General’s dubious conclusions that there were errors made and no bias, despite the fact that there was bias.

Comey looked very weaselly. If you missed it, you can listen here:

Strassel hit Hillary Clinton on her outrageous tweet today.

Hillary actually had the unmitigated gall to tweet, “Make sure your family and friends see the evidence for themselves…”

Kimberley Strassel tweeted back: “…Clinton didn’t just invite foreign influence in 2016; she paid for it…”

How ever does Hillary get away with this?

Watch the segment with Maria Bartiromo:



  1. The loudmouth Gowdy is still 3 years late, and a part of the coverups. The worst he can say about the coup plotter Comey is that he is late???? Gowdy is offering a defense of Comey. That’s the Gowdy who said Trump was acting guilty, Trump should submit to a Mueller interview, and the FISA spying was OK. And Maria is an establishment mouthpiece, not very bright if she cannot ask Gowdy probing questions. This was only a performance disguised as journalism. Gowdy would turn again on Trump in an instant if he felt it would benefit his career.

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