Comey Was Warned About Warrantless Surveillance, Did Nothing

A former FBI supervisor warned then-director James Comey in 2014 that the program was ripe for abuse and invading Americans privacy every day without catching any terrorists.

As a result, they only found one terrorism case and all the information could have been found through traditional methods.

Comey did nothing.

This is the FBI’s Section 215 warrantless phone surveillance program revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013. The information comes from the man in charge.

Bassem Youssef, the chief of the FBI’s Communications Analysis Unit, tells The Hill’s John Solomon and Alison Spann that Comey ignored the warnings.

The decorated counterterrorism expert tried to get the FBI to reform the program. It put innocent people in harm’s way.

“I believe that the program, as it was, was ripe for potential abuses,” he said. “I think that every law-abiding citizen should feel comfortable and secure in their home in terms of their privacy and that was not the case.”

The FBI has been lying and telling Americans it resulted in disrupting many terror plots. That’s not the case according to Youssef.

“After instructing the supervisors of my unit to conduct an exhaustive audit of the hundreds of thousands of leads generated since September 11, 2001, until the end of 2013, we determined that the program was credited with only one disruption since 9/11,” he said.

Mr. Youssef left a few months after he realized Comey wasn’t interested in reforming the program.

He is getting attention from Congress now with direct testimony. Congress now needs to find out if abuses did occur.

It certainly seems they must have.



  1. Article by Sara Carter….how dirty can it get?……………New Text Msgs Reveal FBI Agent was Friends with Judge in Flynn Case,Text messages show that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page conspired to collude with Judge Rudolph Contreras, a FISA judge who presided over Michael Flynn’s guilty plea and was later removed from the case…………………………….these people need to put in jail. this is absurd.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The corruption we know thus far, just the tip of the iceberg. We are about to find out just how FILTHY DIRTY the Obama years were…. and Barack’s REAL legacy. Has nothing to do with the Iran deal, health care or any other obvious. It has EVERYTHING to do with the Deep State and his seeding of radical left wing operatives throughout the federal government.

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