Comey Won’t Answer Questions from Bipartisan Senators Prior to Testimony


Former FBI director James Comey formally refused to answer questions from Senators Lindsey Graham, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Grassley, and Sheldon Whitehouse prior to his testimony Thursday. After receiving a written request from the senators for an answer to eight key questions, Comey suggested he didn’t need to answer them because he’s a private citizen.

There were seven questions asking if he has memos concerning his conversations with President Trump and is he has been talking to people outside of the Justice Department.

Using the “private citizen” as excuse is considered unusual by the senators.

Other government officials have cooperated, including John Brennan, James Clapper and Sally Yates.

Why not answer the questions? Is he going for shock and awe when he testifies on Thursday or does he want to select the questions he will answer to make himself look good?

Senator Manchin wants to know why he didn’t he act on his concerns of feeling pressured, if that is indeed how he felt.

Comey, who has lied under oath, is appearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday and senators fear he’s “venue shopping” to avoid the tougher questions from the Judiciary Committee.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s spokesperson, said the President will not invoke executive privilege to silence Comey. Obama had no problem doing invoking executive privilege repeatedly to protect himself during the Clinton email scandal and at other times.

South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham said he’s concerned Comey will only answer select questions. “I hope this hearing doesn’t become a hit job on President Trump”, he said.

Lawmakers have questions about the FBI’s powers to spy on Americans. It’s not likely Comey will answer those question. Comey is accused of sharing classified NSA intel about Americans with private third-parties. Prior to this, Comey claimed only those agents with proper training and oversight accessed the NSA data. That can’t be true given the aforementioned violations

Comey has testified he didn’t feel pressured by Justice during the Russia election investigation. Leaks now point to him saying he felt pressured by Trump. That makes him look very deceptive.

Former Governor Huckabee says Comey has more to worry about than Trump.

Click here to read the letter via or read them off the tweet.

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