Comey’s Bizarre Oval Office Camouflage Stunt 1st Hint he “wasn’t all there”


Over the last several years, given all the positive and negative noise surrounding former FBI Director James Comey, now might be a good time to look back on his highly publicized, January 22, 2017, Oval Office handshake with President Trump.   

Now might be a good time because, while it seemed perfectly routine at the time, in retrospect we learned something that gave us our first glimpse into some genuinely bizarre Jim Comey behavior.

Apparently, as recounted by a good friend, the FBI guy tried  hiding his 6’8” frame from Donald Trump, by matching his blue suit with similarly colored, White House drapes.  Don’t know about you, but when this tale first surfaced we thought it was a satirical, goofy spoof found on say, The Onion.  

But OMG it was not.  The head of what has been considered the world’s number one crime fighting organization really thought he could escape the gaze of his boss, who had an unobstructed view from just a few strides away, by picking a jacket and slacks that could offer him “camouflage” and “chameleon” type cover amongst friendly curtains.  

Comey’s buddy, Benjamin Wettes definitively said, “He really wanted to kinda blend in and not be singled out.”  The only thing that might be funnier, but not crazier than that, was Benny glowingly describing Mr. Comey’s many virtuous qualities.  

The video is a short one, but looking back, really offers an insight into just how ludicrously, possibly clinically out of touch James Comey was, and likely still is.  President Trump did the right thing and the nation a big favor by firing his then FBI Director.

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