Comey’s Friend Ben Wittes Portrays Devin Nunes as Edward Snowden


Former FBI Director and leaker James Comey sat nodding in agreement on Friday while his friend, Benjamin Wittes of the Brookings Institute, compared House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes to Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency analyst who stole and leaked classified government documents.

Comey joined in, belittling Nunes. They both did it to try and frighten the Republicans, Nunes in particular, away from issuing subpoenas and engaging in stronger action to get information the DoJ/FBI is hiding.

Every time the House and the Senate has obtained information the DoJ said was too sensitive, they’ve found it wasn’t. The DoJ/FBI was merely covering up their errors or corruption.

Wittes condemned Devin Nunes and Republicans, wondering what Nunes will “be able to tell his grandchildren” after he puts sources at risk.

“So, what’s Devin Nunes going to be able to tell his grandchildren? I mean, it’s a serious question. He’s not merely making trades, right? He is affirmatively acting in a fashion that some of us judged Edward Snowden very harshly for…”

What Nunes will tell his grandchildren is he tried to save the country from corrupt bureaucrats ruining the DoJ. Nunes wants to investigate as he is allowed to do and he wants the documents he needs to do it.

This is simply more pressure from the bureaucrats to shut down the requests and subpoenas being issued by Nunes’ committee, which Wittes called a “deviance” at 19:03 in the full video at C-Span.

At one point, Wittes asked Comey how “should we understand it?”

Holier-than-thou Comey replied that he didn’t know what “Nunes is thinking”.

He continued: “The honorable thing is to remember what the institution stands for and stand for that, and if you get fired because of that, think of the story you will be able to tell your grandchildren…”

This proves what a phony Comey is. The former FBI director told Bret Baier two weeks ago that if he wasn’t fired, he would still be working for President Trump.

Jim Comey denigrated Nunes several times. At one point, he said “if you shame yourself…only a fool would trade the institutions and the values that actually unite us for the policy gains they think they are getting from a President who is eroding and attacking” those values that unite us.

In other words, Nunes is a “fool” who “shames” himself.

What values would those be anyway? Lying, leaking, corruption?

Snowden has been indicted under the Espionage Act for stealing and leaking thousands of government documents. He is currently living in exile in Russia. Is this who Wittes and Comey think Devin Nunes is or are they trying to bully him? You decide.

Listen to these two bullies:

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