Comically-Incorrect CNN Reacts After BuzzFeed Fake News Hysteria


If you think the media will learn anything from the BuzzFeed fiasco, and begin to report honestly, think again. They will not. The BuzzFeed story claimed Trump told his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Tower deal.

Chris Cuomo thinks Mueller did Trump a favor, which isn’t true. He only corrected the record. Then he says Mueller didn’t do the media any favors, when in fact, it’s the media that didn’t do the media any favors. Cuomo’s comrade on the show then praised Mueller despite his alleged indiscretion in their eyes.

Watch CNN react:

The media are their own worst enemies, and they won’t change. All we heard from them after the story came out was “impeachment” and the President “committed a crime.” They knew there was no evidence, and they also know that BuzzFeed’s a cheap tabloid. They didn’t care.

While they protected themselves a bit with sly caveats, such as, “if true,” all they did was send the message around the world that Trump was a criminal.

Michael Cohen’s lawyer/adviser Lanny Davis refused to debunk the story and suggested Trump has hitmen throughout the world. Lyin’ Lanny claimed his client Michael Cohen is in fear of being killed by Trump’s hitmen, and all he is doing is TRYING to tell the truth.

Davis is a weasel, watch a few clips:

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