Commencement 2017: Trump Speaks of Champions, Warren Spreads Political Venom


Graduates wore MAGA hats.

President Trump told the graduating seniors at Liberty University not to give up and to follow their dreams. Sometimes you want to quit and go home, he said, but keep trying. Nothing worthwhile is easily won, he assured the graduates. That was his message.

During the speech, he honored a great former quarterback who survived cancer. He praised Jerry Falwell Sr. and he extolled a 98-year old hero of the Bataan Death March.

President Trump thanked the 6,000 service members graduating.

He told the graduates to stay true to their ideals and remember that America was founded on religious principles.

“In America, we don’t worship government, we worship God”.

“They both got major help from God.”

President Trump praised the great quarterback Jim Kelly who fought cancer twice.

Trump praised a hero of World War II, the amazing George Rogers.

By way of contrast, Elizabeth Warren spread a little political hate at the commencement at which she spoke in Amherst.

“I’m trying to keep this apolitical but I can’t help myself … the principle that no one, no one in this country is above the law and we need a Justice Department, not an obstruction of justice department,” Warren said.

She was referring to the firing of now-much beloved James Comey. She also impugned the characters of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Warren spent much of her address stressing the importance of democracy and how politicians need to hear from everyday people like the graduates, not the corporate CEOs, Wall Street and others “who spend buckets of money” to make sure their interests are heard.

“Here’s the thing: Your elected officials are increasingly working only for the few, the very wealthy few, and they are setting policies that only benefit the few, the very wealthy few,” she said. “And if that doesn’t change soon, then this country will fundamentally change. It is your world, your future on the line.”

Ironically, Obama can’t rake in the millions fast enough from the deep-pocketed money men and Wall Street in particular nor can Hillary Clinton. Wall Street funded the Democrats, not the Republicans and Warren herself is a 1%er.

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