Commie Democrat Conor Lamb Leads by 641 Votes Before Absentee Ballots


Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone are locked in a neck and neck battle to decide who will represent Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District in this meaningless election.

Lamb ran a campaign pretending to be a moderate and a gun supporter, much like New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand did.

The commie Daily Kos has already declared victory and congratulated Conor Lamb who appears on the verge of winning. They are calling it a huge victory in a deep red area but the fact is there are 50,000 more Democrats in the region.

After a long night of drama, the race is still too close to call. Lamb holds a slight lead over Saccone with 100% of the Election Day vote tallied, but absentee and provisional ballots are still being counted. It would be a significant uphill climb for Saccone to overtake Lamb.

Commie Conor leads by 641 votes, over Rick Saccone with 100 percent of precincts fully reporting. Lamb declared victory about 1 a.m. but not all absentee ballots have been counted.

It’s all meaningless

This is a meaningless election because the district will soon be dissolved and the position will not exist. The Obama-Holder redistricting lawsuits make this election meaningless. They are redoing the districts in a way that favors Democrats. It will be done by November.

Rick Saccone, 60, hasn’t given up and has consulted legal counsel.



  1. The last I read this redistricting case is still not settled. It was the Court itself that drew the map which is UnConstitutional at its core. The Court has absolutely No authority in drawing district maps. The Constitution is quite specific on this issue, in that the Legislature is the ONLY authority for this purpose. If the Supreme Court would not rule 9-0 we have serious problems. There can be no more of an open and shut case as this one is.

  2. As one who proudly served in the military during the Vietnam Era I will say that a good majority of those in the military are quite left in their politics. It’s why you see outright Communists in West Point. It’s quite stunning this is the case considering the Left’s attitude of those who serve. I would attribute it to the lack of the type of training we had during my time. The military Now are reluctant to offend those in basic training because the DI’s will be in trouble as a result. The effect is, I do not think the fighting forces are nearly as adequate as in the past.

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