Commie Mayor Redistributes Low-Achieving Kids into Wealthy Schools


There still are some schools in New York City that have high-achieving students. That might change as the mayor reforms them. The communist Mayor Bill de Blasio is killing the admissions standards in one to “diversify”.

He approved a plan in district 15 that will eliminate admission standards and replace them with a lottery.

The plan reserves roughly half of seats in each of the district’s middle schools for applicants who are low-income, homeless, or learning English [aka illegal immigrants who are flooding int]. He’s a social engineer like most leftists.

De Blasio’s children went to the coveted Park Slope schools.

DeBlasio is basically redistributing the wealth but he’s doing it in such a big way that the low-achieving students could bring down the school rather than the other way around. One thing that will likely happen is the wealthy parents will put their children in private school.

He’s also moving quickly to divest from all fossil fuels.


  • We’ve got to get all these Commies out of all levels of our Government….and out of our schools. Parents need to wake up and stop drinking the commie kool-aide. The future of our children depends on it.