Commie NYC Mayor signs Green New Deal, rushes to ban hot dogs


Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, signed a Green New Deal for New York City because we only have 12 years to live or something. In any case, he is fully on board with every whacky thing AOC said.

He is rushing to ban processed meat, like hot dogs and bacon, in schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, any place the city controls! Purchases of red meat will be cut by 50 percent [even though it’s good for you]. All that matters is the ideology.

Wilhelm is “teaching” New Yorkers “to make healthy life choices” since we cannot have the freedom to do it ourselves. He is a communist after all. Actually, this is fascism. This is what the hard left does.

By 2050, all cars will be banned in New York City and this is what he calls PROGRESSIVE!

I want to know what happens to the hot dog eating contest on Coney Island.

He’s also banning glass and steel skyscrapers UNLESS you want to pay billions for it. As Rudy Guiliani said, it’s a great way to rush New York City to its demise.

  • Yo New Yawk, elections have consequences. Enjoy the glorious peoples collective utopian paradise on earth. Forward! Yes we can! To each according to his needs, workers of the world unite.

  • Trying to put and end to the World Renowned Cony Island Hot Dog is insanity itself. New York, I never liked you much, but I would never have wished you to go out like this!

  • Banning processed meat? That would include all varieties of sausages. Bacon. Ham. Pastrami. Corned beef. Smoked fish. Smoked turkey/chicken/??. Aged beef (it is after all cured in a controlled environment for several weeks). I’m sure I’ve forgotten more than I listed. God bless Mr. diBlasio – he tries SO hard.

  • At the same time, just as he declared war on horse carriages in Manhattan, he has declared an all out war on food vendors, i.e., the historical hot dog carts that we see on every other corner in Manhattan, commercial areas and outside parks across the City of New York.