Common Core: Education’s Poisoned Apple


by Jeanine Vecchiarelli

The Naked Communist, a book written in 1958 by ex FBI agent Cleon Skousen, listed a number of goals that needed to be accomplished in order to achieve the overthrow and Communist takeover of the United States of America.  Among those goals was:

goal 17

Over the following decades teachers’ unions have indeed come under the purview of the national Department of Education.  And there have been repeated efforts to wrest control of school curricula from the states.  The mission picked up steam under the passage of No Child Left Behind, the brainchild of GOP President George W. Bush.  It has accelerated at breakneck speed under President Barack Obama.

The current big push began with Race to the Top, an “educational challenge” incorporated into Obama’s 2009 stimulus package.  Funds for the program were provided to participating states, under the seemingly benevolent motivation of inspiring academic innovation and scholarship. There was only one caveat: the states must agree to accept a new nationwide curriculum called Common Core.  Forty-five states and the District of Columbia readily did so, even though they knew nothing about it.  Indeed, it had yet to be developed.  But they bought the promise that it would be crafted at the state level by top minds in the education field.

As it turns out, “the Gates Foundation, David Coleman from the College Board, the International Baccalaureate Organization, the National Governors Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and a myriad of others wrote the Common Core Standards—NOT the states.”  (credit Karen Schroeder, Common Core: Statist to the Core)  And that was just the start of the deception.

Common Core was sold to the states as strictly voluntary.  It remains so to this day, provided non-participating states understand they will be denied major federal funding if they don’t implement it.  And required national tests are now being geared to the Common Core curriculum, thereby indirectly forcing it on every institution and state. The term “voluntary” is apparently open to a wide swath of interpretations.

An examination of the emerging thrust of Common Core elicits alarm.  For good reason:  in a nutshell, children are no longer taught how to think and reason.  Instead they are taught what to think.  Lessons revolve around progressive liberal ideologies.  Individuality is scorned in favor of indoctrination into a social good/social justice, global citizen mentality.  As Steven Ahle wrote in Common Core Schools or Reeducation Centers? “Common Core would not only allow the government and the elitists to rewrite history and our moral code, it would also deprive our children of innovation and the freedom of thought.” 

Common Core’s untested guidelines are very troubling.  In math, for example, emphasis is on thought processes instead of obtaining correct answers to problems.  According to Illinois curriculum coordinator Amanda August, the new thrust is on how a child expresses thought processes and reasons for his/her answer over the fact that the answer achieved may be incorrect. So, in essence, 3×4 can equal 11.  A couple of engineers were among the commenters under a posting of this story. They correctly opined that one digit off a correct computation could mean the difference between a bridge supporting weight or not, or a plane flying or falling out of the sky.  Such is the new Common Core math curriculum in action.

The Common Core Social Studies curriculum de-emphasizes historical facts in favor of text analyses of the informational passages read.  The emphasis is now on how the passages are written over the information they are supposed to convey.

A good part of the Common Core Science curriculum revolves around the global warming myth.  It ignores the hard data of over 30,000 top scientists worldwide who confirm it is a falsehood.  Instead, the curriculum uses it as an indoctrination tool to push the U.N.’s global wealth redistributing Agenda 21.

The most telling and troubling elements of the Common Core system are evident in the English curriculum.  Indoctrination into social activism begins in the primary grade levels. Teachers are instructed to condition their six year old charges to identify and use “strong” words which evoke emotion and hence motivate people to action.

Sixty percent of the long time popular classics that have been a staple of English classes over the years have been eliminated from required reading lists for higher grades. They have been replaced with new “classics that better reflect today’s societal trends.”  This is code for indoctrinating young minds into embracing a Godless culture that lacks any standards of morality.

In Rockland County, outraged parents recently battled over the inclusion of one book which graphically glorifies different aspects of both heterosexual and homosexual acts.  These parents’ battle must continue, as that book has been joined by another which romanticizes the brutality of rape.  It was actually written from the perspective of the rapist, and it is exceptionally graphic.  One teacher who partook in a protest stated, “If I read this stuff to children outside of school I’d be arrested for endangering the welfare of minors. But it’s perfectly acceptable in school?”

Assignments connected to such readings clearly aim to foster acceptance, and even admiration, of the characters committing the acts in these books.  One particularly troubling assignment shared recently by long time high school English teacher Dana R. Casey concerned a book recommended for incoming 9th grade students.  The story detailed the “bourgeois” life of a former peasant girl, and how she financed her comfortable lifestyle by repeatedly binding her body so she could birth horribly deformed children, which she would then sell to side show men.  The connected assignment directed students to discuss cultural experiences of those times, and how those experiences helped the woman “demonstrate individuality in the face of outside pressure.” Excuse me??

The rest of the reading material prescribed in the Common Core curriculum includes documents such as “Recommended Levels of Insulation” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/U.S. Department of Energy, or Executive Order 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation.  (credit: The New American: Common Core: A Scheme to Rewrite Education)  Taken together, these lessons are nothing more than vehicles for propagandizing and desensitizing our children.

A reinvigorated assault on home schooling and school choice is coinciding with the nationwide implementation of Common Core.  Should we be surprised?  There will be less and less tolerance for any outlets that allow for the instilling of independent, free thinking among our youth as the indoctrination agenda picks up speed.

There is growing pushback among an increasing number of states against Common Core.  The realization that the federal government is usurping control over school curricula is creating a rippling backlash that promises to erupt into a full scale battle.  More and more teachers and administrative heads are decrying the shift away from teaching our youth how to think in favor of filling their minds with what to think.

It is incumbent upon all parents to become informed and outspoken against the brazen scheme that is Common Core.  The battle must be won before The Naked Communist’s Goal #17 can be fully realized, for the sake of our children and our nation.


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