Politicized Education – Common Core Enforcers Are Suspending Children for Opting Out


When schools start disciplining students for opting out of the Common Core tests, there is a danger that it could become a trend if parents don’t fight back. It might become one of the tactics used to enforce Common Core’s standardized test-taking as the federal government becomes more involved which they are threatening to do.

It’s clearly a usurping of parental rights by the State.

Parents in Liberty, West Virginia are receiving phone calls from Superintendent Mark Manchin and are being told that if they opt their child out, their child will be suspended.

Manchin was appointed last year and has a highly political background with ties to Common Core. He served in the State Senate and had been appointed to the West Virginia University Board of Governors in 2005 and 2006 by then-Gov. Joe Manchin, his cousin.

He was appointed to the Building Authority by Governor Manchin (now Democratic Senator Manchin). That appointment was made by an 11-member board and 6 of those were appointed by Governor Manchin who then signed off.

Superintendent Manchin’s father was former statewide officeholder the late A. James Manchin.

Superintendent Manchin has had Sen. Joe Manchin speak to students and this was one of the issues.

He is more far more political than educational. He’s not an educator, he’s a political enforcer.

Superintendent Manchin is claiming that all “decisions are local” and he doesn’t have a state mandate. If you believe any of that, I have this bridge I want to sell you.


Manchin called into the Mike Queen show on WAJR two days ago and confirmed he is disciplining students who opt-out.

The tyrant has decided Common Core testing is not the issue. “If they or their parents want to send a message, that’s fine,” he declared, “but this isn’t the way”.

He disingenuously said that if he let this go, students could do the same with other rules of the school like smoking.

“There are consequences…students often make decisions…they can decide they’ll drive down the highway at 80 miles an hour, that’s fine…but there are consequences.” “We cannot allow them to opt-out.”


“If we allow that door to open, where people can unilaterally decide what parts of public education they adhere to and which they don’t, I think we’re creating a system that will be very, very difficult to work with.”

“Parents don’t have the right to pick and choose the provisions of public education in which they feel they want to comply with.”

Manchin says “We will send a message to all the parents here in Harrison County.”

He thinks it “would created anarchy.”

Manchin is not a man who believes in freedom, civil disobedience or the right of parents to determine what their educational system will look like though it is supposedly all “local” according to him.

Last year, a 14-year old was suspended twice in Alabama for opting out, a 13-year old was suspended in Goshen, and an 8th grader in Sacramento was banned from the school grounds for passing out opt-out forms. Some school districts are giving ice cream cones to students who take the tests.

In March, a teacher was suspended for telling students about “OPT-Out” and other aspects of the Common Core-inspired PAARC test. The students and many parents in the school are protesting his suspension.

Parents and teachers do not have rights when the government enforcers have made a political decision about their child’s education.

Parents who are subjected to these clear violations of parental rights should consider contacting The Parental Rights Organization

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