Common Core: Nationalization of Education & Globalization


who is teaching your children

There is a new curricula sweeping through 45 of the 50 states. It is called the Common Core and it is much more than a curricula. It is a movement to establish a rigid curricula in every state which will have the effect of nationalizing our educational system.

Common Core is a set of common standards that are seen as common to all the states and are intended to move us to a global society.

It did not arise from the states though it is being sold that way, but rather it came to us from the same Progressives who have been pushing this curricula for decades, currently to include George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill Ayers, and the Tides Foundation along with other major Progressive organizations, and the Obama Administration.

It dumbs down the children, takes education out of the control of the states, and abandons traditional and classical education as well as basics such as cursive writing.

It is a rigid national scheme with backers who will make a great deal of money from it. Once in place, there will be no alternative. The common core standards are not any more effective than our current state curricula, but it is likely to be a costly and unfunded mandate.

Privacy rights are being sacrificed. Databases are established with every piece of information on the child including personal and business data on the child’s family. Family privacy law has been gutted so information can be shared. It will result in a centralized collection of data on every child, sacrificing family privacy in the process. The Department of Education is talking about sharing the family information with the Department of Labor.

It will result in the nationalization of education.

It is a Marxist education that parallels the UN education goals and it brainwashes children in Progressive ideals such as extreme environmentalism. All children will get the same education and it will eliminate school choice.

Government control of education, career, and economic trends is the end-goal, with a reliable population of youth prepared to be tools of the government machine that will control all aspects of the economy. It is interesting to note that President Obama is opposed to school choice vouchers and Holder hopes to eliminate parents’ rights to home schooling.

Please check out the information about Common Core at Noisy Room where I obtained these videos.

In the next video, a parent who studied the Common Core in depth gives a detailed analysis which includes the globalization component. As the narrator states, this has originated with past presidents and both parties, not President Obama, but it is being continued by him. It gives the government control over our children. They want to educate them from birth and control every aspect of their instruction, instruction which would be uniform and rigidly set with preconceived agendas:


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