Common Core Reaches a New Low – Check This Out!


Take a look at these third grade Common Core worksheets [Correction: Common Core-aligned worksheets].*

The first story for third graders takes a twisted social work approach to learning. The next story is about a cheating husband and father, and, again, it’s for third grade.

Could we forego the nonsensical touchy-feely stuff and go back to actually teaching the children how to read literature and do math?

The first worksheet is the tale of Peter and Patty. It’s a terrible piece of literature (I’m using the word ‘literature’ very loosely). It’s about a father who abandons his children in the woods but wishes them well; some woman in the woods takes them in, feeds them fruits and vegetables (she must have been listening to Michelle Obama); and they all live happily ever after. Seriously???

third grade

Here is the other age-inappropriate worksheet for third grade. This parent had the good sense to reject it. Who is making this stuff up?

More third grade


* Common Core is a set of Standards – age-inappropriate Standards – and the curricula being aligned with it is also age-inappropriate.

This is no way implies that the publishers meant the worksheets to be presented as they were. Names have been omitted to protect people. This is for discussion purposes only.


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