Common Core Revolt on Long Island at Comsewogue School District!


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Dr. Joseph Rella is Superintendent of Comsewogue School District in Port Jefferson Station, New York. He is also a hero and a champion for our children. He has seen the disastrous effect Common Core testing is having on our children and he is ready to fight against it.

He is holding a rally this Saturday at noon at Comsewogue High School, 545 Bicycle Path in Port Jefferson Station, NY.

Parents from other districts might want to check it out and suggest that their Superintendents do the same!

These tests are standardized tests with no relationship to a child’s ability to function in society or in advanced education. They have  nothing to do with reality!

This is not a left-right political issue. Common Core testing is an across-the-board offense to our children and teachers. If you don’t know much about Common Core and the testing associated with it, please educate yourself. This needs to be stopped for our children’s sake.

Nationalization of education is unconstitutional because there is no one-size-fits-all that will work in education. The Common Core testing program has the effect of nationalizing education. If everyone has to pass the same test in the same way at the same time, we will face a large bureaucratic system that will take the educational choices out of the hands of parents and put them in the hands of test makers and paper pushers in DC.

The Superintendent of Middle Country Schools, Roberta Gould, said it best. “We strongly believe there is no correlation between these latest assessment results and our students’ ability to be college-and-career-ready.

Dr. Rella should be applauded for his courage and his deep regard for the students in his school district. He is the first Superintendent to stand up!

Don’t be apathetic. The clock is ticking!



Update: 08/20/13: The rally Saturday was a huge success with more than 1600 parents and teachers coming out to protest the harm that is being inflicted on our children by Common core and the accompanying testing.

We will have a report within the next day or two from one of the parents who attended.

It’s a beginning.


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