Common Core’s Convoluted Math Problem for Friday


I like to post Common Core math problems from our local schools on Long Island because people need to know what happens when children are forced to go by curricula NOT based on research.

Check out this problem:

math gr 3

The problem above is a third grade Common Core math problem. Can you think of a more convoluted way to learn math? My friend’s daughter came home from school and, referencing her mother’s attempts to teach her a similar problem to the one above, said, ‘You know Mom, I didn’t understand a word you said yesterday and I still don’t know how to do the problem.’

Whatever happened to the abacus or am I making this too difficult?

This is math for an 8-year old mind you. One would think they are deliberately trying to confuse the children.

Imagiine the poor teachers who are made to teach this and the parents who have to deal with the child’s frustration?

Jedidiah Noble is an engineer and he said if he was taught math this way, he would have become an artist.