Common Core’s “Disastrous” Results Are In


Common Core crashed onto the scene in 2010 but took off in 2015 and was adopted across 45 states. The disastrous long-term results of the program are finally in full view.

It was allegedly a natural outgrowth of governors trying to improve the educational system. In reality, there was a lot of direction and orchestration by special interest groups. Too many experts were left out of the formation. We now find there are predictably bad results from this one-size-fits-all government system.

The revelation came as part of the Department of Education’s 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress report.

“Every American family needs to open The Nation’s Report Card this year and think about what it means for their child and for our country’s future,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said in a media release. “The results are, frankly, devastating.”

“This country is in a student achievement crisis, and over the past decade it has continued to worsen, especially for our most vulnerable students,” she added.

The NAEP is a government-mandated assessment in math and reading administered in alternating years in fourth and eighth grades.

This year’s results were only marginally better than those from 1992.

The mathematics scores show the most damning results.

U.S. scores improved until 2015 when Common Core swept in and progress ended. Although there were double-digit gains since the ’90s, fourth graders only managed to score a single point above their previous tests.

Eighth graders failed to meet that low standard.

“This must be America’s wake-up call,” DeVos said. “We cannot abide these poor results any longer. We can neither excuse them away nor simply throw more money at the problem.”

Studies also show the same trend.

While we’re playing around with this, China and other nations we compete with are beating us royally.

Some children will do well no matter how badly it’s taught, but most won’t.

All. this should terrify you. What kind of nation will we be with poorly educated children in a world of enemies who are well-educated?

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Lisa Hawks
Lisa Hawks
4 years ago

yep, the demoncraps are dumbing down our students and has been for years

4 years ago

My barber welcomed a 1st grade black girl waiting with her granma. Girl showed him her report card. He praised her ‘good job’ and handed her a $5. She did well? I queried. Failed everything, he responded, always does. Everyone gives her a few bucks for ‘trying.’ Being rewarded so generously for zero effort results in her never putting for any effort. That’s obozo’s common core–lowest common denominator–keepin’ ’em down on the plantation for eternity.