Common Core’s Family Tree of Bad Apples


Common Core is a rotten apple

Some believe the goal of Common Core is the nationalization of education and the promotion of an agenda of anti-capitalism, sustainability, white guilt, global citizenship, affective math, and PC spelling and language.

Some also believe the Standards will be used to indoctrinate American children in UN human rights principles, policies, and practices. Giving credence to that is the New York State United Teachers’ curriculum which is aligned with the UN Bill of Rights and many of the UN’s environmental and social justice principles.

Common Core is in its early stages but it’s well on its way.

The roots of Common Core do stem from a far-left ideology that has been around for decades.

Robert Muller of Dobbs Ferry New York is considered by many to be the grandfather of Common Core. A 40-year veteran of the UN, he is also known as the ‘Father of Global Education.’ He went on in retirement to become Chancellor of the University for Peace created by the United Nations in demilitarized Costa Rica.

Muller wrote the World Core Curriculum with the goal of bringing all educational standards under one global academic, philosophical, and religious oneness. The curricula is secular and, he believes, equitable to all nations. He ignores the fact that all nations are not equal – some are vile dictatorships.

Redistribution of wealth is the standard in his curricula. There is no private property because we all own the planet together. His curricula has an extreme environmental justice perspective.

In 1989, he won the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

The forward to the United Nation’s recounting of the award ceremony and speeches was written by Michail Gorbachev who spoke of the New World Order. Specifically it said, ‘Today, further world progress is possible only through a search for universal human consensus as we move forward to a new world order.. . .’

In Robert Muller’s acceptance speech, he said:

“In the middle of my life I discovered that the only true, objective education I had received was from the United Nations where the earth, humanity, our place in time and the worth of the human being were the overriding concerns.

So at the request of educators I wrote the World Core Curriculum, the product of the United Nations, the meta-organism of human and planetary evolution….

In his speech, Muller talked about wanting all universities in the world to teach about peace; he wanted all schools on earth to teach about the UN (that would be the Marxist-Leninist UN); he wants a world in which toys of violence and war are not sold; and among other things, he said he dreams of a world core curriculum in every nation with all books; manuals and history teachings including the UN; he dreamed of a global anthropology, global sociology, global political science, global administrative science.

His hope for all religious education, he said, is that religion would teach ‘peace and non-violence’ as the ‘first and cosmic and divine law on earth’ – ‘Thou shalt not kill, not even in the name of a nation or religion.’

It is unclear where self-defense fits into his vision but God certainly doesn’t.

Muller said that his mentor to whom he served as an assistant – U Thant – told him,  “Robert, there will be no peace on Earth, if there is not a new education.”  Muller agreed.

Ironically, both Muller and U Thant were servants to the UN whose members make a mockery of peace.

A core curriculum that aligns with the UN is a surrender to Totalitarianism.

The goal of the UN has always been to destroy the United States.

The Preamble to the Constitution of the Communist Party USA urges the “strengthening of the United Nations as a universal instrument of peace.”

Robert M. Hutchins (former President of Rockefeller’s University of Chicago) was the Chairman of the Committee to Form a World Government, who had drafted a new Constitution for the UN. On August 12, 1945, they said on a Round Table broadcast that they wanted to turn control of our nation over to a Socialist world government.

They believed that the only way to win world peace was to have a one world government.

It is either incredibly naive or something far more sinister.

U Thant said that ‘nationalism’ not ‘communism’ was stoking the fires of war in Vietnam. U Thant urged the admission of Communist China and North and South Korea into the UN.

The UN members have a decidedly different vision of the world than traditional Americans. They speak of peace and harmony while propping up cruel dictators guilty of unspeakable human rights abuses. They want a one world government with a one world education with countries like Syria, Cuba, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, and so on, who would have power over the United States. The US would give up sovereignty in the process.

If Muller is the grandfather of the Common Core, David Coleman is the father.

The president of the College Board, leftist David Coleman of Greenwich Village, is currently aligning the SAT’s with the Common Core being developed in the United States. He is described by the press as as “the architect” of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

He believes there is “a massive social injustice in this country” and that education is “the engine of social justice.”

In 2007, he co-founded Student Achievement Partners, a nonprofit that assembles educators and researchers to design actions based on evidence to improve student outcomes. Student Achievement promoted the adoption of the Common Core Standards. He also started The Grow Network which puts together study guides for parents, teachers, and students. McGraw-Hill, the textbook company that stands to make a fortune from Common Core, acquired The Grow Network. Coleman worked for McGraw-Hill before starting up these companies. The entire arrangement should prove quite lucrative.

Coleman’s mother is Liz Coleman, President of the leftist Bennington College in Vermont. She founded a social justice initiative, the Center for the Advancement of Public Action, her ‘secular church’, purposed ‘to make the world’s pressing problems the focus of their education.’

She is a Marxist, redistributionist who condemns the soviet union and the propaganda they furthered while calling for the state to indoctrinate children. She says Mr. Obama and his team cannot do it alone and sees the answer in education.

Listen to her famous leftist speech on reinventing Liberal Arts Education:

A recent example of leftist indoctrination can be seen in a World History text approved for high school students in Florida. The text, simply called ‘World History,’ devotes a 32-page chapter to Islam – its civilizations, the Koran and the Five Pillars of Islam – with no chapters devoted to other religions. It can only be seen as advocacy. Promoting Islam is a leftist favorite leftist.

Nationalization of education was something the Founding Fathers understood would lead to government propagandizing which is why they made it illegal. The testing in Common Core does an end-run around our Constitution and nationalizes education.

What do you think?


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