Common Core’s True Goals



Daily Caller contributor Ginni Thomas interviewed Emmett McGroarty (a lawyer and senior fellow with the American Principles Project) about Common Core. It’s an interview that is worth listening to.

Big Government is substituting themselves for parents and teachers in the education system and robbing the individual of freedom and constitutional rights. Common Core is an insidious infringement on our Constitution and will forever change government’s relationship with the individual.

It undermines our Founding and degrades individuals…Obama has been successful in doing that. The data mining and the standardized instruction is highly intrusive and gets to the core of who we are as individuals.

Mr. McGroarty begins by talking about the gender fluid policies being passed off as transgender policies, but for the purpose of this article, we will skip that.

This quote from SDS member Mike Goldfield recorded in “New Left Notes” in 1966 describes what the left is actually doing:

“You have to realize that the issue didn’t matter. The issues were never the issues… It was the revolution that was everything. The only thing that mattered was what you were doing for the revolution. That is why dope was good. Anything that undermined the system contributed to the revolution and was therefore good.”

When Hillary isn’t telling students to default on their loans, she’s telling Americans that “it takes a village” to educate your children. She believes strongly in centralized education with Big Government calling all the shots, not parents and not educators. She is in favor of education that indoctrinates and “forms the child” for a workforce in a “managed economy”.

Hillary and these people are social engineers.

The Obama administration told us they would be dictators and there is too little pushback.

The Obama administration is implementing nationalized education by force. They will withdraw all funds from those who do not comply.

This takes us to centralized education and Common Core. We are being lied to by the left and the truth is hiding in plain sight. Of course standardized tests, common curricula aligned with the core and intrusive data mining requires nationalized education.

Mr. McGroaty said we need to know from Mr. Trump how he will get rid of Common Core. The states have adopted it and he must tell us how he will get us back to local education – specifically – or Hillary will destroy him in debates.

Mr. McGroarty is very specific about the purpose of these tests, the detailed data collection, and how Americans are beginning to realize what is happening. This is a brief clip from the interview.

George Bush gave us No Child Left Behind which had Progressive roots. It was the start of standards and tests aligned with the standards which will drive the content of what children learn, after which the government will grade the children and ultimately the teachers based on these tests.

With this program, you had a narrowing of education, subject matter, and intense pressure placed on teachers, students and parents to perform well on tests. Schools had to show success.

So far the government has been very bad at this, Mr. McGroaty states. It’s undermining our constitutional fabric and the education of our children and you would hope the Republicans would understand this and would be putting coherent plans to stop it and unwind it back to locally controlled traditional education. The Republicans have “utterly failed” to do it and have encouraged No Child Left Behind and the new fix while working in collaboration with Obama, Mr. McGroaty believes.

Arnie Duncan bragged about snookering the Republicans.

In the video, Mr. McGroarty discusses the massive government databases in education and how they change the relationship of government to the individual. This next clip is just part of the discussion and the entire video is very well worth listening to at Daily Caller.

The Obama legislation which continues this monstrous education plan passed through on unanimous consent.

Fortunately Common Core is falling apart. It’s very poor education. The fuzzy math puts children about two years behind their peers in foreign countries which makes it hard for them to be prepared for science and STEM studies. The language arts is inferior. They don’t study high level literature – they study simple texts. Students are not being prepared for the humanities and for life. Parents see it and they are pushing back.

There are promising bipartisan movements to get rid of Common Core, particularly in Massachusetts, Michigan, Arizona, Louisiana, Florida and Utah.

The Common Core activists are trying to just put a new face on Common Core to trick Americans but parents know this and are not fooled by the rebrands.


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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
6 years ago

You nailed it! I just retired as a teacher in a state that used Common Core Standards. CC was scary from the start, but the more we (teachers) learned about it, the more we realized it was designed to control every aspect of education and push a liberal agenda. The non-fiction reading material provided for students was so overtly slanted in its ideology that I refused to let my students read some of it. For example, some articles pushed the Global Warming and Social Justice agendas. Others turned stories about successful minorities into stories about victims. Any time you take away local or state control and give it to the federal government, you know you’re in trouble.