Common Sense: Got Any?


by Froy

The term, “profiling,” resides near the top of the Left’s long and growing list of mortal sins of Political Correctness. Leftists’ disdain of and refusal to use profiling requires the suspension of pure common sense and, with that suspension, comes a far greater threat to our safety and our liberty.

Israel is a tiny postage stamp size nation compared to the surrounding hostile nations – all hell bent on their utter destruction. Yet, they provide some of the safest airline travel in the world. To them, profiling is a way of life, as natural to them as breathing.

There simply is no arguing with their success but, in America, the PC crowd will argue this point all day long.

Ironically, many Progressive politicians, celebrities and other Ivory Tower denizens to whom the notion of profiling ignites them into five alarm melt down, enjoy the very best security technology offers and, in many instances, taxpayers’ money can buy. These are often the same people who preach to we, the little people, about all things “Green,” and would have us either driving golf cart sized coffins on wheels or, better still, bicycling our way through life. They, however, tool around in stretch limos and private, luxurious Gulfstream jets.

Just one of the Left’s many examples of elitists’, “good for thee but not for me” mentality.

Consider this: does it make any sense, whatsoever, to create the mountain out of a mole hill and THEN start searching for the needle? Of course not but this is exactly what is being done. There are approximately 321 million people in the United States of America (1). Of our entire population, the number of Muslims ranges from 2-7 percent – definitive numbers impossible to state as America does not collect census numbers by religious affiliations (2,3).

So let’s get this straight – our political leaders prefer to have the NSA collect mountains of data, to violate the privacy of all 321 million American citizens, rather than look more closely at a small fraction of those most likely to have terrorist sympathies, i.e. Muslims.

Not only does this preposterous decision endanger the security of each of us, threaten the privacy and thus liberty of every American, but it burdens taxpayers with billions in unnecessary expenses.

The NSA is currently putting finishing touches on a 100+ billion dollar Super Spy facility in a remote area in Utah. This highest tech, spy center is capable of capturing and storing literally every email, every text message, every social network comment with room to spare. It can collect and save the equivalent of the entire content of the Library of Congress – per minute (4).

This monstrous creation should drive our “all things green” proponents wild; the electric bill alone costs taxpayers more than one million dollars per month and has been plagued with nearly a dozen electrical meltdowns (“kill zones”). Each incident costs an addition $100,000 (5).

The expression, “when you see hoof prints in sand, don’t start out looking for zebras…look for horses first” is advice often applied in the complex task of medical diagnoses.

Recall both Major Nidal Hasan of the Fort Hood massacre and the Tsarnaev brothers of the Boston bombings. These tragedies were absolutely predictable and should have been prevented. Apparently, those entrusted with our national security are opting to search for zebras instead of horses.

While stationed at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan exchanged several emails with known terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, in which he expressed his support of suicide bombings and the killing of American civilians. Not one but two FBI anti-terrorism task forces were made aware of the Hasan/al-Awlaki connection months before the massacre.

There simply is no clearer indication of the depth and breadth of Political Correctness fears within government – Political Correctness trumped common sense and, instead of daring to investigate an “American Muslim in the military,” Hasan’s Reed superiors ignored the enormous red flag before them and kicked this volatile can down the road.

The Major was promptly and serendipitously transferred to Ft. Hood.

Next stop: “Alahu Akbar,” 13 brutally murdered, 32 more wounded. (6) Despite Hasan’s jihadi war cry, the event was labeled, “work place violence.”

Our military people have become expressly targeted by radical Islam.

April 15, 2013, the Boston Marathon Bombings: some two years after the Russian government sent warnings to the FBI regarding, not just Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s embracing of radical Islam, but of his plan to travel to Russia with intent to collaborate with underground Islamic groups.

Not unlike the Ft. Hood “caper,” our government was literally handed this information on a silver platter. After a brief and cursory look at Tsarnaev and his family, the FBI filed it under, “not interested.”

Police Commissioner Edward Davis later revealed that despite the fact that the Boston PD maintains a squad of officers working full time with the Joint Terrorism Task force, the FBI never shared information with them regarding the Tsarnaev brothers.(7)

The NSA and HLS have busied themselves in their mammoth efforts to locate, mine and store away every tidbit, or byte, of communications, private and otherwise, of every soul on our soil. This makes about as much sense as what we all witnessed of the TSA at work at our airports.

Recall if you will, agents busy at work sifting through baby diapers (how we all hoped those diapers were “loaded.”) or do a thorough pat-down of grandma in which agents appeared more like perverts than government representatives….juxtaposition, a couple of Muslim women covered head-to-toe in black jilbab and hijab, saunter by, no questions asked.

Our politicians would have us believe keeping America safe from terrorism is an all or nothing affair. Conspicuously omitted is a third less costly, far safer and more logical, common sense solution, the proven winner: Profiling.

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