Common Sense! Who Is Tougher on Russia? Obama or Trump?


Martha McCallum gave a commentary Friday that reflects the common sense no longer apparent in the Democratic Party.

The Democrats and Barack Obama thought Putin and Russia were friends. They reset the relationship and all was well, wasn’t it?

Fox News anchor McCallum said:

“…No doubt the people of Crimea would like to know where the current outreach was in 2014 when Putin slept in and took their country over. And what about when he moved into the Ukraine? And what about Assad? Gas attacks against innocent children?”

“Now, convinced that Russia released embarrassing emails from John Podesta, ending the White House hope — they now believe that Russia is a paramount threat.”

Who’s tougher?

“Who is tougher on Russia? Let’s look. This administration has made clear they want to work with Russia when possible. Can they achieve a safe zone in Syria? That remains to be seen. They have pushed for some sanctions to be lifted which is controversial and may have roots that are not fully uncovered yet. This investigation is ongoing.”

But he is doing the opposite of what Putin wants.

“The president’s words of solidarity in Poland, speak loud and clear. It is the opposite of what Putin wants. He got exactly what he wanted when President Obama dismantled that missile shield in eastern Europe, put in place under President Bush, leaving those countries vulnerable to Russia. Remember this moment?”

McCallum then played the now-infamous hot mic exchange between Obama and Medvedev.

Martha continued, “Despite early criticism of NATO, Trump has worked to bolster the alliance to work against Crimea-like encroachment from Russia. Nikki Haley has spoken forcefully against Russia at the U.N.”

Common sense does not reign in the obsessed Democratic Party and their media arm.

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