Communism Comes to NYS: State Assembly Votes for Universal Healthcare


The Russian healthcare isn’t even as restrictive as a bill just passed by the New York State assembly. The bill was pushed by the unions. The Democratic Party, aka Socialist Party, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the unions.

Under this bill, insurance carriers would be erased and we will all be at the mercy of the government. There will be no buffer.

Universal, Single Payer Healthcare will be covered by a 80% payroll tax paid by the employer and 20% paid by the employee.

What that really means is the taxpayer will pay 100% because employers have to pass on their costs.

The bill still has to pass through the Senate which is filled with RINOs. New York is almost totally a one party socialist system.

The state senate is barely Republican and there is some hope it won’t pass.

The New York Health Act passed the assembly 89 – 47. It was first introduced in 1992.

The assembly is bragging that there will be NO premiums, co-pays, deductibles, or limited provider networks. It’s all free.

Yes, they are that stupid or at least they think we are.

The AP story today said, “All New Yorkers could enroll. Backers said it would extend coverage to the uninsured and reduce rising costs by taking insurance companies and their costs out of the mix.”

Where did we hear that before? Oh, and you can keep your doctor and hospital too.

New York State is currently last of the 50 states in providing a business-friendly environment. If New York could go lower on the rung, it would. Maybe there can be a new category with New York side-by-side with Bangladesh.

In case you are getting too hopeful and thinking the bill will be killed in the senate and we will then be done with it, think again. The cowardly Republicans are working on their own version of the bill.

Obamacare led us to this place. We all knew this is where it would end up – government healthcare for all just like in Russia or worse actually.

Once the government has control of your health, they have you. Remember that.

The FCC just took over the Internet and they are already spending our tax money to provide broadband in places of their choice. Obamacare will be the same. They’ll bury us in taxes, but that is the goal. The current dictators in New York and in D.C. want a one-party welfare state with high taxes and no wealth, except for the chosen of course.

Just when you think it couldn’t get worse.

We voted for Socialism in New York. Cuomo and the others pretend they are liberals when they are in fact tyrants – statists. There is nothing liberal about them. Stop calling them liberals.

Get ready for Third World healthcare.


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