Communist Antifa Attack Right-Wing Prayer Group, Claiming They’re Saving Us All


The Portland Patriot Prayer group held a prayer rally Sunday in downtown Portland. Antifa held a counter protest by storming the prayer event. The crazed Communist group says they are protecting us all from fascists as they behave like fascists. How strange these Communists are.

Rioters on Sunday hurled bottles and fireworks at police officers while others were caught with knives and other weapons, Portland Police tweeted. Officials encouraged people to get out of the immediate area “for their safety.”

Let’s see, who could be responsible? The prayer group or the Marxist-Leninist Democrats? The Patriot Prayer Group says it is a peaceful group. They dubbed their event, ‘Tiny’s Freedom March’. There were two arrested from their group and two from Antifa. However, Antifa invaded their march and came specifically to beat up the prayer group members.

Many of the Antifa activists wore black and covered their faces. Some protesters said they were demonstrating against police brutality; one sign bluntly read “F— the police.”

The Rose City Antifa scheduled their counter-protest for 4 p.m. “to show Patriot Prayer, just as we showed them last year, that their violence and hatred has no place in Portland.” Antifa said that as they abused police and accosted the marchers who were praying and wore signs that said they were marching for God. The prayer group marchers told Antifa to watch out they had guns although that didn’t’ seem to be the case.

Antifa uses the very same tactics Hitler’s Brownshirts used in 1920s,30s, causing civil chaos, rioting, violence, physical assaults, destruction, then claiming they are the only ones who can stop the civil chaos, rioting, and violence. They admit they are mimicking the Hitlerian Antifa tactics.

While I know little about the prayer group, the truth is hordes of violent radical Communists descended on 30 guys offering prayers for freedom. The media has portrayed the prayer group as alt-right. I can’t say and am not even sure what alt-right means, but I fail to see why they can’t gather to pray.

Antifa In Action



  1. We can no longer be duped into these situations.
    When you have a group of 30 planning to conduct a peaceful prayer even, there must be at least 300 more there posing as onlookers. As the Antifa FASCISTS begin to pounce, surround them “neutralize” them.

    People must understand, there is a state of civil war in this country… not so very civil. Much as we would lio be able to conduct ourselves as peaceful beings, we can no longer offer ourselves up as political pinatas for the Left.

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