Communist Bill de Blasio Battles with Sean Hannity on Fox


An unbearable Bill de Blasio, the communist mayor of New York City, appeared on Sean Hannity last night for the entire show. There is another clip to be shown tomorrow.

If you like fighting over the ridiculous Green New Deal and its effect on construction, you would have liked this.

“It’s very dangerous. The U.N. estimates it’s 12 years before we deal with much deeper problems,” de Blasio, the Democrat told Hannity about climate change.

“Then what the hell are we arguing for? Let’s throw a big party if it’s only 12 years,” Hannity responded, dismissive of the U.N. (the dictator’s club) report.

“Let’s get to work. The Green New Deal gives us that opportunity,” de Blasio responded.

De Blasio’s ruining New York City. Who listens to him?

There was some feisty back-and-forth on the topic.

“I’m recognizing a truth that you fail to recognize, that every economy in this world is run on oil, gas, and coal. And if America gets off it … in ten years you will watch the greatest depression in the quickest period of time,” Hannity told de Blasio, who responded by citing Germany’s move to “renewables.”

“We cannot go on this way. We need a Green New Deal and one of the key things is to make sure buildings don’t omit what they used to,” foggy de Blasio said.

The Green New Deal, as AOC’s former chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti said, is not about the climate, it’s about seizing control of the economy.

De Blasio doesn’t really answer questions. The blockhead did the same thing with abortion.

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