Communist Bill DeBlasio Is Ruining New York City


Bill DeBlasio’s New York City is now home to 76,000 homeless people. It is in no small measure due to all those crimes that DeBlasio has decriminalized like urinating and defecating in the street, openly doing drugs, and public drunkenness. Loud parties are also acceptable.

Mayors Guiliani and Bloomberg had their faults but they cleaned up the city and it was a nice place to go. It still is in many areas, but definitely not at the train stations and one should be alert at all times.

Arohom Gordimer, writing for The American Thinker, pointed out the declining quality of life in NYC in an article titled, DeBlasio’s Jungle.

Gordimer points to the homeless problem:

NYC now has the highest homeless population in the country. It has spiked by about 50% under the leadership of ultraprogressive [communist] Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Homeless people are all over the place, living in squalor, very commonly panhandling passersby,  making them feel quite uncomfortable, and committing lots of crime. Many of these people are mentally and physically ill and need serious assistance.

The other problem is crime. The knife slashings are constant. DeBlasio hid it for a while but it’s getting to be too often and too serious to bury.

Gordimer writes:

This past Friday, two people slashed a 54-year-old man in the face in midtown Manhattan. That same day and 10 blocks away from this incident, a homeless man seriously assaulted two people while another homeless man chocked and violently robbed someone in an upscale Manhattan restaurant, and in lower Manhattan someone was thrown into the subway tracks and almost killed. Violent subway attacks have occurred as of late in Brooklyn as well. Residents are on edge, as horrific assaults have become more of a present reality than a thing of the past.

DeBlasio has “emasculated” the police as Gordimer says. That is so true. Leftists like DeBlasio think the police should be a social work agency. If you’ve ever watched the NBC show, SVU, it’s no longer a police show, it’s a righteous social work victims unit masquerading as a police show. That’s what these leftists think makes sense.

The leftists invite the homeless and then have inadequate funds and solutions for them. On top of that, they allow them to commit crimes, making the city even more attractive to them.

Oh for the good old days, when Democrats thought law and order was a good thing and they didn’t embrace communists and socialists with their hairbrain ideas.

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