Communist Criminal Taqiyah Thompson Cheered, to Be Awarded a College Scholarship


Takiyah Thompson, the woman who climbed the Durham Confederate statue and pushed it over, was charged with two felony counts and several misdemeanors for destruction of private property, inciting to riot and participating in a riot. She is now being rewarded and cheered!

As a reward for her vandalism and as a supporter of Kim Jong-Un, she will likely be awarded a scholarship. Her legal fees will also be paid by her university – the North Carolina Central University.

Faculty and students have widely applauded her vandalism. This is what has taken over the universities.

The Daily Caller reported:

“I saw the demonstration and the toppling of the monument. I think it’s a healthy thing for students to have a voice and to be leaders in activism,” said Jim C. Harper II, chair of the history department. “We’re going to do everything we can to support Ms. Thompson.”

Her professor, Allan Cooper, said that the entire class applauded when he revealed to them that Thompson was the person charged with toppling the statue. Following the news, Cooper sent an email to the chair to propose giving Thompson a scholarship.

Scott Holmes, a professor at NCCU’s law school is providing free legal advice.

“She is an inspiration to watch,” said Holmes. “She gave a brilliant interview, was arrested, came out and had a big smile on her face. She is resilient and smart and knows she’s done something that has awakened the conversation around race.”

Communists and lawlessness are to be exalted apparently.

Thompson, a member of the Worker’s World Party, is a Maoist Communist who hopes to destroy the United States.

This makes the lack of response from our Republicans all the more stunning. They were quick to condemn President Trump for his alleged “immoral” response to Charlottesville, as Mitt Romney posted on Facebook, but they say nothing about these communists.

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