Communist NY Mayor Resorts to Vile Name Calling After President Trump Follows the Law


New York’s communist mayor, Bill de Blasio, melted down after President Donald Trump decided to follow the law and reverse Barack Obama’s unconstitutional temporary amnesty. That led him to call President Trump names.

Bill de Blasio, aka Warren Wilhelm, told New York Magazine that Trump is “profoundly racist” and “a spoiled brat,” the Free Beacon reported.

Then he tried to claim Trump is not a New Yorker. Of course, de Blasio isn’t a real American since he’s a Communist. He sounded like a child:

“I think Trump is much more than a New Yorker,” he said. “Trump is a spoiled brat. He has lived a privileged life. His dad engaged in racist practices and taught his son at his knee. I think there’s something about Trump that should not be mistaken for any typical New York personality. He, in the end, was a precursor of this right-wing, tabloid approach to politics. He called for the execution of the Central Park Five in the ’80s.”

He’s angry Trump is not a leftist, which he calls the “center”:

The Big Apple mayor met with Trump right after the presidential election and hoped he’d “govern from the center.”

“If I gave you a perfect transcript of that meeting, you would say, aha, okay, it was all a big horrible charade, and he sounds so reasonable, and this is going to be very, very different from his campaign,” he said. “But literally it only took weeks to see the Steve Bannon influence, and the true Donald Trump, that Trump who obviously is profoundly racist, that that was the real person, a hateful, negative person.”

President Trump has never said anything racist. De Blasio wants to run for President in 2020 believe it or not.

The mayor has been hinting that there should be a parade in his honor. Communists love their parades.

De Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm is a very a nasty employer. He’s not someone who should run a nation.

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