Communist Spy Lauded in New York for “Great Bravery”


We now honor Soviet spies who betrayed their country. At least we do in New York.

Ethel Rosenberg, who was executed with her husband in 1953, for conspiracy to commit espionage, was presented with two posthumous awards, one for “great bravery” and another for “wrongful conviction”, by the far, far left New York City Council Monday. They even dedicated the day in her honor.

The Rosenbergs were convicted of passing information related to the Atom bomb to Russia. Ethel’s husband Julius was a courier and recruiter for the Soviets.

Their friends and their relatives were Soviet spies.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Nikita Kruschev said the Rosenbergs “had provided very significant help in accelerating the production of our atomic bomb”.

The Wall Street Journal wrote:

The real stain is on New York City’s gullible representatives. Revelations over the past 20 years—the Venona decrypts of KGB transmissions to its American agents in the 1940s, and KGB files released by a Russian defector who now lives in Britain, Alexander Vassiliev—showed concretely Ethel’s involvement in her husband’s espionage ring. For six decades, her defenders have insisted that Ethel was an innocent bystander, at worst a bit player, but the evidence shows her thorough involvement. She helped recruit her sister-in-law, Ruth, who in turn brought her husband—Ethel’s brother— David Greenglass into the ring that passed secrets to KGB courier Harry Gold.

On September 28, 2015, the day that would have been Ethel Rosenberg’s 100th birthday, 13 members of the far, far left NY City Council issued a proclamation in honor of Ethel Rosenberg and called her execution unjust. The Borough President of Manhattan issued her own proclamation naming September 28, 2015 Justice for Ethel Rosenberg Day, concluding that she was an innocent victim of a frame up and wrongfully tried as well as executed.

Ethel Rosenberg was a Stalinist who supported Joseph Stalin’s horrific dictatorship.

Stalin’s extremely brutal 30-year rule as absolute ruler of the Soviet Union featured so many atrocities, including purges, expulsions, forced displacements, imprisonment in labor camps, manufactured famines, torture and good old-fashioned acts of mass murder and massacres (not to mention World War II) that the complete toll of bloodshed will likely never be known.

It is estimated that he was responsible for the deaths of 20 million.

This is who this couple helped. They were traitors.


The Council also issued a proclamation lauding her for “demonstrating great bravery” in leading a 1935 strike against the National New York Packing and Supply Co.

Councilman Daniel Dromm said there was “a lot of hysteria” around anti-communism and suggested she was railroaded. Dromm is currently pushing for non-citizens to vote in New York and has little regard for the rule of law.




  1. So Khrushchev was just a liar claiming the Rosenbergs aided the Soviet Union. The NYC Council should be issuing a denouncement of Khrushchev for smearing the “innocent” Rosenbergs.

  2. Wow what is wrong with us?

    What about the men and women who dedicate there life’s to keep this stuff out if our country? Were is there reward or there proclamation day?

  3. Sounds like Councilman Daniel Dromm should be looked into as a possible Russian spy and run out of the city of NY and back to the Russia.

  4. Wow…sounds like the Democratic party is really, really messed up if they have to approve of traitors…wow this is astounding. And why are the other 12 members of the Council not listed in any articles since I’d like to know who they are since if they are representing me I want to vote against them. It seems like the “hipster” younger generation has lost their minds and don’t care what their forefathers did.

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