Castro-Like Communist Terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera Honored in New York City


At the 60th annual Puerto Rican Day parade, a hardcore communist and convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera was honored with the National Freedom Hero award by the parade organizers. it was the first time it was given.

Lopez-Rivera was a prime operative in FALN, a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group, who hoped to turn Puerto Rico into a Marxist-Stalinist nation. The leftist guardian newspaper called him a “Nelson Mandela” and the NY Times said he is a “nationalist militant” who many call a “political prisoner”.

He helped supply arms to the FALN who bombed and killed Americans. Lopez is unrepentant.

The organizers called him a hero and a freedom fighter in a nation’s struggle for freedom. However, at the same time they say they are struggling for freedom, they want Congress to bail them out after their leftist policies put them into tough circumstances.

Puerto Rican people are valued American citizens but the fear is that they are being influenced by the communist hijinks of communist Mayor Bill de Blasio and Melissa Mark-Viverito, the communist city council leader, who are fully behind making this terrorist into a freedom fighter.

Viverito claims the media has destroyed the image of this freedom fighter.

The Puerto Rican people today are holding a symbolic vote on whether to become a state, remain a territory or a sovereign nation. They always vote to keep it a territory though it’s usually a narrow vote on statehood.

The Hispanic police officers, the police commissioner and half the sponsors did not participate in the parade this year. Governor Cuomo couldn’t make up his mind but in the end – the very end – didn’t show up.

Think about this — a U.S. city is lauding a dangerous terrorist who wants to turn his island homeland into a Castro nation. They are rewriting history and pretending he’s a freedom fighter. He’s also a Democrat.

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