Communist U.S. Mayor and Trump Troll Joins Terrorist Antifa and Black Bloc


The Antifa and Black Bloc terror groups in Germany are rioting to express their contempt for the G-20 Summit. They include Americans who have been funded by leftist groups in the U.S. in what can only be described as a colossal waste of money. In addition, MSNBC has been following Antifa around, accompanying them as if they are their sympathetic comrades. In a funny side note, their reporters got hit with water cannons Friday.

In even better news for Democrats in the U.S., the communist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio raced to Germany to join the terrorists protesting/rioting against our President.

Commie Bill

DeBlasio skipped an NYPD ceremony in the aftermath of the assassination of Officer Miosotis Familia so he could join the far-left madmen. He “will attend several events surrounding the G-20 Summit, including Saturday’s Hamburg Zeigt Haltung rally,” WaPo reported today.

His trip is paid for by leftists and New York City taxpayers. The grifter will also get to visit his son who is studying in Berlin on a Yale internship and he doesn’t have to pay a dime towards it.

A police officer was murdered and he’s jet-setting, for free, betraying the President of the United States.

The head of the NYPD sergeants union, among others, attacked de Blasio.

“As the city mourns, its leader flees,” Ed Mullins said. “And then he wonders why he has a problem with the police. A real leader stays with the city in this time of hardship.”

Less than five hours before de Blasio’s flight to Berlin, NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill offered reassurance to 524 new recruits in the wake of Wednesday’s slaying of Officer Miosotis Familia. That’s where deBlasio should have been but the photo-ops are better in Germany.

While he’s off raising the morale of terrorists, our New York City subways are failing and an officer is dead.

De Blasio will be the keynote speaker at a Saturday rally promoting social equality and climate protection. He’s trolling President Trump and other world leaders at the G-20 with his anti-American message while Trump is asking the West if they have the will to survive.

De Blasio’s office announced his departure in a brief news release sent just hours before the mayor’s Thursday evening flight. When a video of him speaking flashed in Times Square, officers turned their backs.

In conclusion, the communist mayor is trolling Trump and trying to steal the spotlight for his Progressive agenda. At the same time, he’s boosting the morale of the violent terrorists. De Blasio is a Marxist ‘whore’. It’s a term reserved for people like de Blasio.

Meanwhile the terrorist groups Antifa and Black Bloc are violent and dangerous, but the media are calling the police reaction dangerous. To break up the violence, police are shooting off water cannons and smoke bombs and it is being condemned by many in the U.S. media.

Independent Journalists are being attacked as fascists, even if they are left-wing journalists. These criminals are de Blasio’s peeps.

One journalist of the group ‘We Are Change’ was stalked and threatened with death.

Independent journalists Luke Rudkowski and Max Bachmann were attacked, stalked, and threatened with murder by left-wing Antifa terrorists in Germany early Friday outside of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Some of their video and tweets were removed. They’re the enemy, not Antifa.

This story in the clip is interesting. There is no doubt the Antifa and Black Bloc are the fascists.

Tim Pool, a center-left Libertarian, discusses one such attack.

They’re destructive thieves!

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