Communists Up In Arms Over Rue Steve Jobs


Yahoo informs us that a proposal to name a street after the late Apple Inc. chief executive and co-founder Steve Jobs has divided the leftist city council of a Paris district. The communists don’t want the capitalist, who loved France, to have a street named after him.

The local district mayor wants to call one of several new streets around the vast Halle Freyssinet high-tech startup hub the “Rue Steve Jobs” in honor of the U.S. inventor of the iPhone who died in 2011. But Green and Communist local councillors in Paris’s 13th district don’t like the idea because of Apple’s social and fiscal practices.

”Steve Jobs was chosen because of his impact on the development of personal computing and because he was a real entrepreneur,” said a spokeswoman for mayor Jerome Coumet, defending the proposal.

She said other streets would be named after British computer scientist and code-breaker Alan Turing, UK mathematician and computer pioneer Ada Lovelace, US naval officer and computer programming pioneer Grace Murray Hopper and French civil engineer Eugene Freyssinet, who invented pre-stressed concrete.

Leftist councillors are not impressed however by Jobs’ reputation and heritage.They criticized working conditions at Apple’s Chinese subcontractors as well as the iPhone maker’s alleged tax avoidance methods in Ireland, which have come under fire from the European Commission and which were approved by Ireland.

Why do the French love their Communists after what they went through in WWII?

The communists and other leftists have the majority and will vote next week.

It couldn’t be the capitalism they hate?

“Steve Jobs is not a perfect man, but he has changed our daily lives by popularizing computers, the mouse and the smartphone,” Coumet said on his Twitter feed.

Despite the fact that Nancy Pelosi thinks the government invented everything Steve Jobs actually did invent, it’s not true.

He is one of the greatest inventors of the last century. His name appears as the author of 346 patents in the US registry.

While visiting a Xerox research center, Jobs took the ideas and packed them into a revolutionary computer called the Macintosh, adding ideas of his own. Because he jumped off others’ ideas and reinvented them, some would like to take it away from him.

Steve Jobs insisted that the first Mac have the ability to display different fonts on screen. He also came up with the idea of the Mouse used in his Macs and he perfected it. He reinvented the iMac (1998) + iPod (2001) + iPad (2010), making them an indispensable tool.

Then there was the iPhone. Rather than reinvent the smartphone, the iPhone integrated functions of other mobile devices such as MP3 players, GPS navigators or even cameras, almost sweeping the market. The key to integrating all these capabilities into a single terminal was reinventing the operating system.

Jobs recreated in a way no one else could and without him, we’d be stumbling along with 16 colors for video games, Lynx instead of IE and Blackberry would still be in the phone business.

Someone should write a coffee table book on the 101 ways communism leads to invention and progress and then sell it for profit.


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