Communist West Pointer Spenser Rapone Gets Kicked Out of the Army


Communist West Point graduate Spenser Rapone has been discharged from the Army with a “less than honorable discharge.”

Former Dem Rep. for Pennsylvania, Jason Altmire, had recommended him for West Point but didn’t know he was a Communist. The representative was doing a favor for Rapone’s father, a local official. Altmire found Rapone’s anti-American tweets appalling.

Rapone graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in May of 2016. He has been serving in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum in New York and “serving” is probably a bad word to use.

He has been under investigation for his communist and anti-government tweets.

The reasons for his dismissal are unknown.


West Point knew about his Communist agenda for two years before he graduated and his former teacher said there are more just like him.

Lt. Col. Heffington told The Daily Caller, “I had seen similar attitudes on soldiers getting out of the Army before. He was critical of the war strategy in Afghanistan as being a continuation of imperialism.”

In mid-October, a former senior faculty member contacted by The Daily Caller indicated that Lieutenant Colonel Heffington’s criticisms were “spot on” — and too forgiving if anything.

An active duty Army officer contacted by The Daily Caller, who asked to remain anonymous, agreed with the sentiments of Lieutenant Colonel Heffington.

There are also Communist professors at West Point, according to the officer.

The officer said that criticism of the increasing civilian influence within West Point was entirely warranted. “I can assure you,” the officer stated, “there are a number of avowed communists [teaching at West Point].”

Motto of the class of 2021–but which battle?

The officer said he has “personally heard” two civilian professors claim to be communists. One in particular, he adds, was “quite proud of this fact.”


Rapone is scheduled to speak in July at a Socialism 2018 conference in Chicago, where he and fellow far-left Rory Fanning, an ex-Army ranger, will appear together in a “War Resister in the Ranks” discussion.

His Twitter pages disappeared for a while but they are back up and raging right now. One of his pages goes under “@punkproletarian”. He admits he’s a big supporter of Antifa and violence in general, and he has been calling for a “Communist Revolution”.

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