Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes out for red diaper baby Bernie


Communista AOC rallied fellow communists for Bernie at a campaign event in Brooklyn Saturday. She calls the crazy old man “tio,” Spanish for “uncle.”

“I’m proud to say that the only reason I had any hope in launching a long-shot campaign for Congress is because Bernie Sanders proved that you can run a grassroots campaign in an America where we thought it was impossible,” Ocasio-Cortez cooed. “Maybe to others, he is a brother. But he is my Tio Bernie Sanders.” AOC says Bernie inspired her to enter politics when she was a struggling bartender in New York.

A struggling bartender? Cute young female bartenders like Cortez make very good money. It was a nice restaurant.


“Last year, last February,” perennial victim AOC said, “I was working as a waitress in downtown Manhattan. I worked shoulder to shoulder with undocumented workers who often worked harder and the hardest for the least amount of money.”

My ancestors worked like dogs too.

“I didn’t have health care. I wasn’t being paid a living wage. And I didn’t think I deserved any of those things. Because that is the script that we tell working people here and all over this country: Your inherent worth and value as a human being is dependent on an income that another person decided to underpay us.”

She is the personification of BS. Someone like her, an idiot, is making big bucks in Congress, yet she made herself into a victim. And, somehow, people who break our laws are victims and deserve all our money for their healthcare. Besides, anyone who needs healthcare and shows up at an ER, gets it.

O-Cortez continued, “But what we are here to do is to turn around the very basic lie. It wasn’t until I heard of a man by the name of Bernie Sanders that I began to question, assert, and recognize my inherent value as a human being that deserves health care, housing, education, and a living wage.”


AOC wants your money, but like most communists, she hasn’t paid her taxes. She’s a deadbeat.

Ocasio-Cortez pumped up the crowd, telling them to “build a mass movement in America” … that is rooted in principles of universality. Everybody has a right to health care. Everybody has a right to an education!”

Fabulous! Free everything for everyone in the world! Yay! Once word gets out and open borders loons like these two welcome the world in, it will be rather unaffordable. It’s unaffordable without them.

And, no, O’Crazio, the world is not entitled to free healthcare and college and PK at our expense. That’s called theft.

Apparently, she doesn’t like Zuckerberg, which is understandable since she is anti-Capitalism and everything that has made the USA great.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Mark Zuckerberg making decisions over my life. We need you — we need a United States that really, truly, authentically is operated, owned, and decided by working in all people in the United States of America. It is multiracial, multi-centered, multi-gendered, multi-generational, and multi-geographic.”

It’s a downer listening to these America hating twerps and their crazy old ‘tios.’

Since President Trump took over, Latino-owned businesses have been flourishing thanks to the great economy, a Biz2Credit study found.

Rohit Arora, Biz2Credit’s CEO, said Latino business owners are enjoying a 46 percent jump in revenue this year, which will bolster the nation’s thriving economy.

AOC won’t share that information with you.

“The fact is that Hispanics are flourishing in the Trump economy. Democrats asserting the contrary is a mere partisan talking point to try to deny Trump the Hispanic support he has earned and which may decide the presidential election outcome next year. Expect Democrats to increase their identity politics attacks in an effort to skew Latinos against Republicans over the next year and a half.” Ortiz wrote.

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